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Checklist for a Successful Sales Call Via Videoconference [VIDEO]

Marketing to Millennials

5 Shocking Magazine Statistics

Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from McDonalds

Voiceover Tips: 5 Ways to Sound Likeable and Believable

3 of the World’s Most Effective Ad Campaigns and Why they Worked

3 Tips for Effective Social Media Recruiting

5 Irrelevant Pieces of Information to Stop Including in Your Ads [VIDEO]

Why Top-40 is Still Top Dog

Social Influencers: Influencer Marketing

Classic Rock is on a Roll

ANNOUNCING: Kansas City Chiefs Partnership with Zimmer Communications!

Knowledge is Power: The Allure of Talk Radio

Comeback Companies: Success Stories through the Great Depression

The Perfect Pair: 5 Ways Social Media and Radio Can Work Together

Your Marketing Plan's Secret Weapon: Consistency

What Does it Mean to be a Brand?

Preparing for Reentry: Setting Your Business Up for a Post-Quarantine Comeback [VIDEO]

Pandemic Positivity Pledge

My advertising isn't working! Do I cancel or stay the course? [VIDEO]

COVID-19 - Local Columbia Employers Discuss Economic Recovery

25 Motivational Quotes that Inspire Success

5 Tips to Successfully Recruit and Hire Remotely

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

When Does A Two-Page Magazine Spread Make Sense?

Weather Through the Storm

5 Ways to Make it Easy for your Customers to do Business with you

The Coronavirus Relief Bill: Information on the CARES Act for Your Business

Celebrating Mid-Missouri’s Response to a Pandemic

3 Reasons Why Communication Will Solve Your Hiring Needs

Five Quick Tips: Time Management

5 Fundamental Sales Skills That Work All The Time, Every Time [VIDEO]

Radio Advertising: The Art & Science of Buying an Audience

How Bad (or No) Branding Can Potentially Hurt Your Business

Why Cutting Your Advertising Budget When Times are Tough is a Bad Idea

Why Customer Retention is so Important

What's the Jam on Jingles?

The Biggest Brands Never Stop Advertising and Neither Should You

What Your Customers Really Care About

UGH It's Political Season! How Can I Advertise and Not Get Lost in the Mudslinging

Slogan Trivia: Name that Brand!

How to Use Magazine Advertising to Brand Your Business

A Four Step System To Solve Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

How to Get Your Customers to Fall in Love with You

Creating An Offer Your Customers Can't Refuse

Zimmer Communications – Evolving Beyond Radio to Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Why Should You Attend BrandKamp 2020: A Q&A with Chuck Mefford

5 Ways to Guarantee Your Magazine Ads Will Flop

7 Tips for Successful Marketing We Can Learn From The St. Louis Cardinals

250,000 Reasons Why We Support the Children's Miracle Network Every Year

5 Ways to Keep Sales Hot During Winter

The Top 9 Reasons To Sponsor The 2020 Mid-Mo Baby Expo

Three Keys to First Quarter Success

Take Me Out To The Ballgame: 8 Reasons Why The St. Louis Cardinals Are Good For Your Brand

If You're Sick of It, It's Working

The Top 10 Most-Read Blogs of 2019

3 Ways to Capture More Creativity in Your Marketing Campaign

You Have A Difference-Maker - Find It

Ask What The Big Brands Are Asking

Don’t Be A Scrooge To Your Customers

Don't Be Afraid To Brand Your Business Boldly

3 Ways To Stay Motivated

Why We're Thankful This Year

Our Top Ten Tips for Small Business Saturday

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Team Today

Is Your Marketing Budget Increasing, Decreasing, or Staying the Same?

7 Mistakes Businesses Make Trying to Write Their Own Radio Ads, Part 2

7 Mistakes Businesses Make Trying to Write Their Own Radio Ads, Part 1

3 Differences That Set Consultative Sales Apart

Don't Become A Dying Business

The Battle Of Branding

ICYMI: Recapping The 2019 BrandsFormation™ Seminar with Chuck Mefford

6 Characteristics To Expect From Your Marketing Partner

Silent Signals: Unintentional Customer Service Mistakes You Might Be Making

The 4 Do's and Don'ts Of A Job Seekers Market

“Winter Is Coming:” The Top 4 Ways to Market Your Business During The Holiday Season

5 Keys To A Positive Company Culture

3 Tips for Advertising on a Budget

A Four Step System To Solve All of Your Marketing Needs

5 Easy Solutions for Improving Your Onboarding Experience

3 Ways To Make Your Ads Pop, Sizzle, and Stand Out!

What To Do When Your Action Campaign Doesn’t Provide Results

7 Marketing Benefits To Being A Project Pink Party Sponsor

Why Should You Attend BrandsFormation: A Q&A with Chuck Mefford

Why the Best Marketing Plans Start with Action Campaigns

4 Sayings You Should NEVER Add To Your Ads

Are You Treating Your Marketing Budget Like an Expense or Investment?

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Always Work From an Annual Marketing Plan

The Importance of Professional Voicework

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

Why You Should Always Be Renewing

Over-The-Top (OTT) Video Advertising 101: What It Is and How It Works

5 Ways To Retain Your Employees

5 Blogs That Every Business Owner Should Read

Why We Support The Central Missouri Honor Flight Every Year

Football & Your Business: 5 Things They Have in Common

The Top 6 Factors That Influence Buying Decisions

How Your Business Can Score by Sponsoring High School Sports

3 Differences That Set Leaders Apart from Managers

How To Boost Your Foot Traffic With A 2019 Tiger Tailgate Sponsorship

CASE STUDY: How Effective is Inbound Marketing?

How To Hire New Employees: The Top 5 Qualities You Should Look For

10 Reasons to Sponsor Tiger Tailgate

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Marketing To Baby Boomers

What You Need To Know About Tracking Marketing ROI [In 200 Words]

How To Identify Top Performers Before The Hire

Summer Radio Listeners: Why Every Daypart Matters

Why Top Brands Are Investing In Their Very Own Print Magazines

School's Out, Now What? 5 Ways to Market Your College Town Business During the Summer

Is Radio Dead? 5 Reasons Why Radio Advertising Is Still Relevant in 2019

Zimmer Nominated for Five 2019 Radio Mercury Awards

5 Reasons You Should Work in Advertising Sales

How Leadership Impacts Company Culture

Inbound Marketing Definition in 150 Words

Onboarding Best Practices: How To Transition from Candidate to Employee

Spring and Summer Media Consumption Changes That Should Impact Your Marketing Decisions

Attract, Engage, Delight: How Inbound Marketing Works

How Company Culture Improves Retention and Increases Engagement

New eBook! Digital Marketing: How To Evaluate Your Current Vendor and Strategy to Boost Results

The Top 3 Traits of A Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group Sales Account Executive

Why The Biggest Businesses Still Use Radio Advertising

How To Maintain Business Growth When You're Already Successful

You Just Attended The Brandkamp™ Seminar. Now What?

Does Your Business Website Spark Joy? 7 Areas You Could Be "Tidying Up"

You're Not Fooling Anyone: 7 Reasons Your Business Blog Sucks!

5 Ways To “Spring Clean” Your Business

8 Reasons Your Business Belongs At The 2019 Best of Columbia Party

A "Mid-Mo Baby Expo" Success Story: Boone Hospital Center

The Top 9 Reasons To Sponsor The Mid-Mo Baby Expo

VIDEO: Why Clear 99's Jamie Mac and KCMQ's Shags & Trevor Recommend Sponsoring Bussin' It To Busch

12 Quotes on The Importance of Company Culture

5 Ways Inbound Marketing Generates Quality Leads

The Top Ten Reasons To Sponsor Bussin' It To Busch

The History of Steve's Pest Control

The Future of Digital Marketing

Behind the Scenes: Zimmer's Story

A "CoMo Man Show" Success Story: Royal Power Sports

Are You Spending Too Much on Your Facebook Advertising?

10 Reasons Why Radio is Our Valentine

INFOGRAPHIC: It's World Radio Day!

Why Mid-Missouri Businesses Recommend Attending Brandkamp™

How To Collect Quality Feedback After Your Event Sponsorship

Why We Support the Children's Miracle Network Every Year

What You Need To Know About Cardinals Baseball (And How This Can Help Your Brand)

The Modern Family: How Today’s Consumers Are Evolving

8 Reasons Associating Your Brand with the Cardinals Can Impact Your ROI

Response vs. Results: What's The Difference And Why It Matters

What Local, Mid-Missouri Businesses Are Saying About Radio & Magazine Advertising

The #1 SEO Tactic You Should Utilize in 2019

15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Sponsor The 2019 CoMo Man Show

5 Keys To Radio Advertising Success for Veteran Advertisers

Search Engine Marketing 101: What It Is And How It Works

The Top 10 Reasons To Sponsor The Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon

Introducing Boom! Magazine: The Newest Way To Target Mid-Missouri's Most Affluent Audience

Wishing You A Happy New Year!

Our Top Blogs of 2018

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The Ultimate Business Owner's New Year's Resolution Checklist

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7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Holiday Marketing

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4 Tips To Boost Your Healthcare Practice Website

The Top Ten Reasons We Are Thankful This Year

Targeted Display 101: What It Is And How It Works

Geofencing 101: What It Is And How It Works

3 Things You Can Do Today To Ensure Your Best Foot Forward Next Year

What Makes Magazine Different From Direct Mail Advertising?

Influencer Marketing: Radio's History as the First and the Best

5 Things Businesses Should Expect From Event Sponsorships

Black Friday or Bust: The History Behind The Biggest Retail Day of the Year

The Beginner's Guide to Radio Advertising in Mid-Missouri

Marketing Plan BEFORE Marketing Placement

Holiday Marketing on a Budget: 10 Free or Cheap Things You Can Do This Holiday Season

Social Media Tips for Your Employees: Yes, Even Your Personal Facebook Page Is Impacting Your Business

Healthcare Marketing Ideas: How To Attract New Patients To Your Practice

25 Actions You Might Want Your Customers to Take

Recapping The INBOUND 2018 Conference

How to Calculate Your Marketing Budget for 2019

3 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Website

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