How Radio Personalities Continue to Attract Listeners

radio personalities continue to attract listenersThere’s something unique about radio personalities that grabs our attention. Whether it’s the voice, the personality or the stories they tell, many of us form bonds with our favorite radio personalities that often endure for many years. But with so much digital content and online radio stations available in today’s world, how do they continue to attract listeners? As a matter of fact, radio personalities are doing better than ever in today’s environment.

Here’s how radio personalities continue to attract listeners, and what they’re doing in the digital world to engage their audience even longer and at an even deeper level.

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1. People Form a Connection to Radio Personalities

Depending on the station and format, radio personalities will attract different audiences in specific demographics. Personalities are public figures and represent a certain brand identity that their particular audience identifies with. Brands shouldn’t underestimate this connection, as recent research has shown that people give the same weight to a DJ's product recommendation as they do to their own friends and family on social media. That’s because, more often than not, radio personalities let people in on their own lives. By sharing problems and experiences common to everyone, they form a powerful connection with their audience.

2. Radio Personalities are a Trusted Source of Information

People often turn to radio personalities for news and information about what’s happening in the local community. Think about how often personalities are featured during rush hour, drive times and lunch break. These are times when people are in their cars, traveling to various destinations and tuning in to find out what’s new. And when something big is happening in the local community, personalities often turn off the music and turn into “the people’s station”, disseminating useful information and helpful tips.

3. Radio Personalities are Memorable

If there’s one thing people recognize and remember, it’s the voice and actions of their favorite radio personality. Whether it’s humor or political controversy, each personality has its own hallmarks that audience members can immediately recognize. In addition to their own distinct voices and personalities, DJs often have memorable nicknames and catchphrases that have become instantly recognizable in the community over the years. Brands also use on-air personalities to improv during campaign spots, often creating memorable moments of the brand for consumers.

4. Personalities Take the Conversation Off Air

On-air is just one way that personalities connect with their listeners. In today’s world, once personalities go off air, they continue to connect with their fans via other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. This extends the dialogue and listener connection throughout the day, even after the host has gone off the air. Personalities are also now starting to use video as a medium to engage their audience. This can be in the form of recorded YouTube videos they post to social media, or streaming videos like Facebook Live and Periscope. Finally, many personalities have extended podcasts that are available off the air to listeners in order to keep them coming back for more information and content.

There’s no doubt that radio personalities continue to attract listeners and are a great resource for advertisers if used correctly.  By understanding the power these personalities have, you’ll be able to better position your brand with the right radio personality to make your business stand out from the crowd. Harness the power of radio advertising today! 

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Originally published 7/14/16 - Updated 2/29/24

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