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The Basic Building Blocks of a Radio Campaign

Understand the importance of bricks and mortar, the components of an ad campaign that give it staying power, along with helpful tips on how to maximize a campaign for long-term success.

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Marketing Your Business In A Time Of Crisis

With guest speaker Gordon Borrell, learn how to turn times of crisis into a marketing advantage for your business through messaging, promotions and customer targeting.

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Pushing Your Business Through the Pandemic

With guest speakers Matt Sunshine and Chuck Mefford, learn key strategies for working at home, how to fight the fear factor, creating the right message and hear inspiring stories about comeback companies.

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10 Keys To Creative Effective Magazine Ads

10 Keys to Creating Effective Magazine Advertisements

Be sure your magazine ads are designed for success by avoiding some common mistakes and following these best practices.

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12 Ways to Improve Your Advertising Creative

We'll shed light on why the strength of your creative message is paramount and provide twelve guidelines that must be applied to your advertising creative if you want to see a positive return on your investment.

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Digital Marketing How to Evaluate Your Current Vendor And Strategy to Boost Results

Digital Marketing: How to Evaluate Your Current Vendor and Strategy to Boost Results

Be sure the digital marketing partner you choose is ready and willing to help you understand the impact of your digital marketing services.

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How to Combine Radio & Magazine Advertising eBook

How to Combine Radio & Magazine Advertising to Boost Your Marketing Results

An in-depth look at the building benefits of radio and magazine advertising, with specific recommendations for Mid-Missouri advertisers.

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Effectively Using Traditional Marketing Platforms in Today's 'Digital World'

Learn the most pertinent media you should be considering, how big brands leverage traditional marketing, and tips for integrating traditional channels with digital for big results.

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6 Step Guide to Converting Your Marketing Leads

6 Steps to Converting Your Marketing Leads

This guide was created to help walk you through the 6 steps you should be taking to ensure your leads are being handled appropriately by your marketing and sales teams.

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Building or Refreshing Your Brand Strategy Workbook

This workbook will help walk you through the steps to build a meaningful marketing plan for the next year. It will help you analyze and identify your most important goals and accomplish those goals.

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Annual planning made simple

Annual Planning Made Simple: A Workbook for Business Owners & Marketers

This will help guide you through the questions you need to answer and the steps you need to take to build out an effective marketing plan for your business.

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5 Steps to Getting a Big Bang for Your Marketing Buck

5 Steps to Getting a BIG BANG For Your Marketing Buck with Action Campaigns

Learn five critical steps for ensuring you get the most out of every marketing dollar you invest in a campaign.

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5 Things That Impact Your Branding and
What You Can Do About It

Created to help small and medium sized businesses effectively build foundation for their brand in order to achieve true marketing (and business!) success. 

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Top 10 Things You Should Know
About Mid-Missouri Radio

Explore key facts and research regarding radio in the Mid-Missouri market. 

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Why Content Is King on Social: What to Publish, When to Publish, and Where to Publish

Learn best practices to create and share the right social media content with your audience. 

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Action and Awareness: How to Build a Customized Ad Campaign for Your Mid-Missouri Business

Understand the difference between action and awareness campaigns and learn the best times to use each.

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The Buying Funnel
Decision Making Process

This free infographic represents the journey every consumer goes through before making a purchase.

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The Marketing Bridge

From your in-store displays to employee knowledge, learn about everything that works together to build your Marketing Bridge.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Marketing ROI that Every Small Business Needs

Created to help small and medium sized businesses effectively build foundation for their brand in order to achieve true marketing (and business!) success. 

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The 4 Step Process to Developing Killer
Advertising Creative Ideas

Be certain your advertising creative is on target and breaks free from the clutter!  

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Small Business Guide to Building an
Effective Marketing Strategy

Learn a number of key principles for your business to take into consideration when creating an effective marketing strategy. 

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10 Facebook Best Practices
for Businesses

Learn different best practices that your business can use to engage your audience on the largest social media platform in the world.

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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Radio Ad Creative Doesn't Fall Flat!

Learn the top best practices for developing radio creative that gets you results.

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10 Digital Resources Every Small Business
Needs to Know About

Choosing the right tools for your business can be hard. This guide outlines the best digital resources available to help your small business grow.

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UTOPIA QUIZ: Make Sure Your Advertising Creative Delivers the Results You Need

An effective action campaign includes creative that is compelling, memorable, and clear. Before running your campaign, take the UTOPIA Quiz!

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[RECORDED WEBINAR] The Top 3 Ways You 
Might Be Screwing Up Your Advertising
(and How to Fix Them!)

Learn how to avoid some of the most common advertising mistakes that could prevent you from seeing the marketing ROI you want.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Radio Advertising
Drives Car Sales

A detailed infographic explaining how radio advertising drives car sales.

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How to Determine if You Should Use an Action Campaign for Your Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself these simple questions to see if an action campaign is right for your marketing.

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