They’re Listening: Maximize Your Reach By Sponsoring The Chiefs

They’re Listening: Maximize Your Reach By Sponsoring The Chiefs

Maximize Your Reach By Sponsoring The Chiefs

No matter what day, week, or month it may be, we can all agree that life always seems to stay busy. The way people consume sports entertainment varies, depending on their schedule and resources. But, even with many advancements in modern technology, radio has remained a strong pillar in sports broadcasting, allowing audiences to listen in the car, at events, while traveling, or while multitasking at home. 

And when you couple the impact radio provides, with the influence of an established sports brand like The Kansas City Chiefs, you are looking at a winning combination! So, how can sponsoring The Chiefs maximize your business’s reach in the Mid-Missouri area? 

People Are On-The-Go

We’ll say it again, people are busy and are on-the-go, and when The Chiefs are playing, they don’t want to miss a minute of the game! Radio has a distinct advantage over TV broadcasting, in that it can uniquely reach consumers in all kinds of environments. After all, we can’t all have the luxury of watching every game from the comfort of our home living room! And according to a study by Nielsen Audio, radio reaches more Americans each week than any other platform, including television and smartphone devices. We know one thing for sure, loyal fans are continuing to listen to Kansas City Chiefs coverage on the radio before, during, and after the games. This is partially due to the fact that radio not only offers a certain on-the-go convenience over TV broadcasting, but it also holds a certain emotional connection as well. When fans listen intently to Chiefs broadcasts via radio, they often build a strong connection with the announcers and become more engaged with the broadcasts as a whole.

Events Are Happening

The year is 2021, and we can all agree that we are ready to put the past behind us, and are ready to start gathering together to cheer on our favorite team. The past few years have proven that people are still loving the experience of listening to Chiefs games, and with events starting to occur more frequently in 2021, many fans will gather from all over Chiefs Kingdom to listen to the game while tailgating, for example. Choosing to advertise your business with The Chiefs is a great way to reach potential consumers who are intently listening not only on their way to the game, but at their favorite Chiefs events as well.

At Zimmer Communications, we are aware of and have seen how effective radio is in reaching local consumers in Mid-Missouri. We also know the importance and the impact of teams like The Kansas City Chiefs to our local community. That is why we are proud to partner with The Chiefs to broadcast all preseason and regular-season coverage, along with pre-game and post-game coverage, to the mid-Missouri area through 96.7FM KCMQ and 104.5 FM/950 AM KWOS. KTGR AM/FM – ESPN Radio (105.1 FM, 100.5 FM, 1580 AM) and KWOS (104.5 FM/950 AM) also airs the weekly Chiefs Kingdom Radio show, which is hosted by Chiefs’ play-by-play announcer Mitch Holthus, and includes call-ins from the head coach and live on-site interviews with key players.

Pair your business with a winning and established brand like The Chiefs, and you will see how effective this kind of partnership is in maximizing your reach to local consumers. Be sure to check out our recent blog to find more reasons why sponsoring The Chiefs this season could be your business’s next great opportunity. Follow the link below to request more information. Let’s go Chiefs!

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