Why Your Business Should Sponsor The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs 2021 season is bound to be one for the books! As loyal fans tune in to listen to each game, it may be time to consider partnering with The Chiefs by advertising during radio broadcasts to the Mid-Missouri area. And as the most popular NFL team in the country, not to mention the stand-alone NFL team in the state of Missouri, you might want to give extra attention to this opportunity. 

Zimmer Communications is proud to partner with the Kansas City Chiefs to broadcast all preseason and regular-season coverage, along with pre-game and post-game coverage, to the mid-Missouri area through 96.7FM KCMQ and 104.5 FM/950 AM KWOS. KTGR AM/FM – ESPN Radio (105.1 FM, 100.5 FM, 1580 AM) and KWOS (104.5 FM/950 AM) also airs the weekly Chiefs Kingdom Radio show, which is hosted by Chiefs play-by-play announcer Mitch Holthus, and includes call-ins from the head coach and live on-site guest interviews with key players.

With all of this incredible content being broadcast all season long, we’ve listed out some reasons below on why sponsoring the Kansas City Chiefs could be a great marketing opportunity for your business…

Associate Yourself with a Major Brand

Try thinking of a single person that you know, in your market, that has not heard of The Kansas City Chiefs. Turning a blank? Our point precisely. Sports entertainment is a unifying and powerful presence in our everyday lives, and with a brand as popular as The Chiefs, choosing to advertise your business during their games could be a very smart way to get maximum reach to local consumers.

Sure, your business may not be as huge of a name as The Chiefs…but by attaching your name to their brand, you are allowing consumers to associate your business with a major name. Not only this, but partnering with The Chief’s brand will legitimize and set your business apart from the crowd amongst consumers. All in all, advertising during The Chiefs broadcasts will help establish your brand and will allow your business to gain maximum recognition from thousands of listening fans.

When The Chiefs Win, We All Win

With a 2020 Super Bowl win and two Super Bowl appearances within the last two years, it is no secret that this team is on fire! The Chiefs have had a surge in success over recent years, and it is predicted that this winning streak is not going to slow down soon. Sports fans always love cheering their team to victory, but what sets The Chiefs apart from other teams is that this is a team that is actually winning consistently! The Chiefs Kingdom fan base spans a large geographical region, including all of Mid-Missouri. Fans from all over gather to listen to games intently each season. Advertising during The Chiefs radio broadcasts with 96.7FM KCMQ and 104.5 FM/950 AM KWOS is a great way to take advantage of this winning team’s loyal audience.

Mahomes for the Money

Some players are larger than life. And we can all agree that the Chief's, winning quarterback and 2020 Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, has some serious star power. After all, we can thank him for What-A-Burger choosing to open multiple new locations in the Kansas City area! This kind of influence has all kinds of businesses begging to partner with this legendary quarterback. This MVP is not the only Chiefs player that has had some major influence on local businesses. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently struck a deal with Club Car Wash as co-owner, a franchise with many locations in states spanning across the Midwest, including multiple locations in the mid-Missouri area. And with both of these players having multi-year contracts with The Chiefs, they’re not going anywhere. So, why not partner your business with their winning team? 

Radio Offers A Unique Experience

Life is busy, we can all agree. The way people consume sports entertainment varies, depending on their schedule and resources. But, radio has stood the test of time, allowing audiences to listen in the car, at events, while traveling, or while multitasking at home. Many people also enjoy listening to the pre-game broadcasts while driving to Arrowhead Stadium! Radio has a distinct advantage over TV broadcasting, in that it can uniquely reach consumers in these environments. After all, not everyone can watch each game from their home living room or favorite sports bar!

The past few years have proven that people are still loving the experience of listening to Chiefs games. And with events starting to occur more frequently in 2021, many fans will be listening to the game while tailgating, for example. Choosing to advertise your business with The Chiefs is a great way to reach potential consumers in environments that are most convenient for them.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

It is no secret that advertising can be, in fact, expensive. Radio is a great advertising medium in that it is an affordable investment. By investing in radio advertisement during the upcoming 2021 Chiefs season, you are putting your money towards dedicated fans and members of the Mid-Missouri community. Local businesses directly attracting local consumers seems like a shoo-in, right? This could be your next, great opportunity to attract new customers, and our team would love to help you get there. 

There are fantastic marketing opportunities available for businesses across mid-Missouri to capitalize on being part of the next winning season of the 2020 Super Bowl Champions! Click on the link below to request information on how you can be a part.

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