Combine Action and Awareness Campaigns for Marketing Success

combining-action-and-awareness-campaigns-in-radio-adsCrafting a dynamite marketing campaign involves the artful blend of two key strategies: action and awareness. These powerhouses serve distinct purposes in your marketing plan, but when woven together seamlessly, they are a brilliant blend that delivers both immediate results and long-term brand sustainability. Let’s dive into these strategies and uncover how and why they work so well together:

Awareness Campaigns: What Are They?

Picture this: you're at a party, and you want everyone to know you're there. Awareness campaigns are the megaphones of the marketing world. Their mission? Introduce your brand, product, or service to a wide audience, and make sure you’re a memorable name at every party. The goal here is to skyrocket brand recognition, create a buzz, and leave a lingering memory. It’s all about sparking curiosity, kindling interest, and forging an emotional connection. With awareness campaigns, consistency is king. Winning is all about slow, steady, relentless repetition. 

action and awareness campaigns

Action Campaigns: What Are They?

Action campaigns are the superheroes of the marketing realm. These campaigns have a different groove. They’re like the big play that drives the field to score the winning touchdown in the last minutes of the game. Action campaigns are all about guiding your audience to take specific actions – be it snagging your product, joining your newsletter, grabbing a free resource, or requesting a demo. These campaigns are the direct-response dynamos, designed to transform curious leads into card-carrying customers. 

Each of these strategies has earned its place on the field, but what if we told you that these two tactics work even better when partnered together? To understand why, you have to remember the Buying Funnel…the journey a buyer takes as they decide what to buy and where to buy it. 

5 steps for getting a big bang for your marketing buck with action campaigns

The Role of the Buying Funnel

At its core, marketing is about guiding folks through the buying funnel. You start with those unaware of your existence, and you gradually lead them to where they take action. This journey involves several phases:

First Phase: Unawareness to Awareness:Buying Funnel for Marketing 

In the beginning, your awareness campaign shines like a lighthouse in the night, introducing your brand’s greatness to the masses. It's all about casting a wide net and grabbing attention.

Second Phase: Awareness to Comprehension:

Once people know who you are, it’s time to show them what you’re made of. This is where educational content steps in. It’s like providing hikers with a trail map – showcasing your value, benefits, and why you're the bees’ knees.

Third Phase: Comprehension to Conviction:

Trust and credibility become your BFFs at this stage. Testimonials, case studies, and those stories that make people nod their heads? They're the secret sauce. They solidify the conviction that your brand rocks.

Final Phase: Conviction to Action:

Action campaigns are the rock stars of the bottom of the funnel, encouraging that final leap into conversion. A conversion could be any desired action: a sale, a registration, an appointment, or a subscription. 

And here’s where the magic happens.

By strategically employing BOTH awareness and action campaigns, businesses can effectively cover the entire spectrum of the consumer journey. This comprehensive approach ensures that potential customers not only become aware of a brand's offerings but also take tangible steps toward becoming loyal customers. 

ALERT: Awareness Campaigns with No Action Campaigns 

You miss crucial opportunities to convert low-hanging fruit…consumers on the fringe who would convert if given the right incentive. You also invite new customers to test drive your business because they are motivated to take advantage of an offer. Get them in the door once, and there is a high likelihood they’ll both return AND tell their friends.

ALERT: Action Campaigns with No Awareness Campaigns 

Action Campaigns should never be the strategy that you rely on solely to build your brand. Why? An over-reliance on action campaigns can inadvertently cultivate a price-conscious consumer mentality and encourage waiting for sales. This approach may not align with a value proposition centered around factors other than low price, and unless your brand's all about pocket-friendly prices, that's not the vibe you want.

The Synergy Between Awareness and Action is Your Secret Sauce

This balanced approach amplifies the effectiveness of both campaign types, resulting in a powerful blend that gets real results. It's that winning combination – a one-two punch that makes a mark. So, embrace this approach, and let it steer your marketing efforts towards success, giving you the outcomes you're aiming for.


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