3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts TODAY!

3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts TODAY!

In the current job market, it’s no secret that there is high demand for top candidates. With competition between employers at an all-time high, recruitment is no longer seasonal but instead now a year-round endeavor. As a result, it is more important than ever to set your company apart from your competitors through consistent branding and company culture. So, we’ve listed out three ways you can improve your recruitment today! But first, be sure to have a listen as I go into more detail on these points in the video below:


1. Focus on Your Brand

Branding isn’t just for products and services: it is also a way to endear yourself to your audience as one of the top workplaces in your market. Once upon a time, recruitment was as simple as a “We’re Hiring!” sign on display. These days, we are saturated with advertising every day, and a sizable portion of that is recruitment advertising. Instead of simply posting a job listing and hoping for the right applicant, consider what makes your company unique and what you have to offer that may be enticing to prospective candidates. Making this a consistent part of your message across all recruitment outreach and onboarding will offer additional clarity to applicants while quickly aligning new team members with your company vision.a free ebook on recruitment strategies and marketing for open positions

2. Start the Conversation Early

While you should always have a consistent and proven interview process once candidates formally apply, you can get ahead of other employers by beginning the conversation early with prospects. According to LinkedIn, 70% of the workforce consists of passive candidates. This means that the vast majority of prospective new hires are not actively applying but would accept a new opportunity if it seemed like a good fit. 

To get ahead of candidates before they apply, consider utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook to post open positions and engage with your audience through recruitment-focused content and local networking events to connect with prospective candidates looking for professional growth. These methods are more long-term focused but will allow you to begin growing a pool of contacts for when the right timing or opportunity arises within your team.

3. Prioritize Your Current Employees

Rather than just focusing on external recruitment, remember to look internally and ensure that new employees are going to be joining an engaging team that fosters a sense of belonging. Company culture isn’t just an employee perk, it’s necessary for retention: a recent survey from Jobvite found that of the employees who quit a job in the first 90 days, 32% cited company culture as the reason. Company culture can be anything from regularly scheduled potlucks to professional development activities or volunteer events. The most important thing is that your employees feel valued by their employers. If you are looking for more ideas on company culture events, check out our social media!

By implementing these strategies today, you will immediately elevate your recruitment!

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