6 Tips for Creating Print Ads That Work


Let’s face it, in most cases, print ads in magazines or newspapers do little to stand out or claim our attention. In fact, if you are like most, you flip through the publication without even acknowledging the ads spaced throughout the articles or other interesting tidbits. Thankfully, though, with some notable changes you can create ads that are both engaging and effective, that demand to be noticed even among the pages of a favorite periodical. Read on to learn more about how to do just that:Boost your marketing ROI

1. Don’t Let Your Headline Go Unnoticed

Make sure that your headline sparks enough interest that readers will want to give your ad a second look. Make a statement, ask questions, include an unbelievable offer, and don’t be boring. This is your one chance to grab the attention of readers before their eyes scan to the next article or ad and overlook what you are trying to communicate. Make sure that your headline is a great first impression and an instant hook. According to Click Giant, headlines are the single most important factor in creating great content. This is because the headline will often determine whether a reader will look further at your ad. In fact, according to TREW, you have about two seconds if that to convince a reader to look further at your ad based on the headline alone.

2. Your Ad is Not About You

Keep in mind, when creating your ad, it’s a waste of space to talk too much about you. As humans, we are self-focused by nature, this is just the way our minds work. Therefore, readers don't care as much about you as a company (though they will long-term) as they will care about how you can help them. Give them the information they want the most: how your service or product can make their lives easier, better, or less stressful.

3. Keep Your Message Clear

It’s easy to be tempted to do too much in your ad space. Be aware that you can overwhelm your audience if you don’t hone in on your message as a brand and make this obviously clear. Stay focused on your main point without deviating and going off on tangents. Again, based on many studies, you have mere seconds to grab the attention of a reader flipping pages, so make sure you get across your message clearly.12-ways-to-Improve-Your-Advertising-Creative

4. Stay Short and Sweet

In the same way, make sure that the copy for your ad is short and sweet. To get the message reduced down to what it should be, write it, then cut those words in half and then by a third. Now, whatever is left is crucial to communicating your message. You don’t want to go on and on within an ad, this is simply not the place. Instead, eliminate any fluff, meaning anything that isn’t crucial to communicating your message about your product or service. You can get more in-depth with your customers in other formats. Your ad should remain short and sweet! Remember, you are convincing a reader to look deeper with a mere glance, so make sure that your messaging is on point and concise.

5. Say it Visually

Don’t overlook the importance of the visual element of your ad. In reality, the visual you select for your ad is critical. It should help advance the story. It shouldn’t be trite, meaning it shouldn’t show up several times in other ads. It also doesn’t have to be literal. Consider a visual that will convey a message yet, but also maybe surprise your reader simultaneously. Keep in mind that according to the Social Science Research Center, 65% of the population learns visually. Visuals help people remember and understand your message - more effectively than just words.

6. Keep Your Call to Action Concise and Compelling

When you get down to it, the whole purpose of your ad is to advance your reader to the next step of the purchasing process. This might include visiting a website, calling an 800 number, or connecting on social media. However, whatever the next step you want your potential customer to take after viewing your ad, make sure it is clear and that you encourage them to act now rather than later.

Magazine Ads Work 

Keep the six helpful tips in mind before launching your next magazine ad. Admittedly, today’s consumers are tougher to entice than in years past. They don’t care for the same old ad saying the same old message. They want engagement, cleverness, and succinctness. Therefore, you will have to really put some effort into creating an ad that draws their eye and prompts action. Thankfully, these tips will get you headed in the right direction and help you maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget.


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