How To Craft an Effective Job Recruitment Radio Ad

How To Craft an Effective Job Recruitment Radio AdOne of the reasons for radio’s enduring popularity is that it’s an effective way of communicating with many people at once. Nielsen recently conducted a survey and found that radio managed to reach 92% of adult listeners every week. 

While some like to post think pieces about the demise of radio, the truth is that the medium is just as relevant today as it was thirty years ago. Because of radio’s endurance in the media realm, you should take the time to develop a strategy for recruiting job applicants through the radio.

With radio, you must keep in mind that everything is heard, not seen. That means the structure of your ad should deliver your message clearly in a way that immediately captures the listener’s attention. To start, think about who’s going to be listening to your ad so you can craft a relevant message. Does the radio station to which you’re sending the ad appeal to the right audience? Make sure you’re not wasting precious marketing dollars on radio stations that have a lower chance of being listened to by job recruits.

Below are some tips on properly structuring your radio job recruitment ad:

Focus On One Job Recruitment-advertising-resource-guide

Building your job ad around a specific idea makes dramatization more effective. Emphasize what the listener can gain by applying for the job opening. Your ad should also discuss how joining your company would be the best decision for the listener. If you have more than one job opening you’re looking to fill, create an ad for each position. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, order your open job positions by importance and start with the top positions.

Make the Job Sound Appealing

Don’t make the mistake of using up valuable radio time to focus strictly on qualifications. You don’t want your radio ad to sound like you’re just reading from a listing you placed on a website. Instead, highlight the best aspects of the position and why it would be something a recruit would wish to pursue. Be creative in your description, so listeners are intrigued enough to follow up on the job opening.

Add a Clear Call-To-Action

Make it clear to your listeners what they can do if they want to apply for the job. Try to make it as simple as possible for a potential job recruit to reach your company. It can be hard for people to remember phone numbers or email addresses. Instead, you might want to provide them with a website link that leads to a specific landing page about the job. That also makes it easier to track visitors pulled in by your radio ad.

If your business is needing to recruit qualified talent and is looking for effective methods of doing so, radio could be a fantastic option to reach those goals. In addition to radio advertisements, our team of marketing experts at Zimmer Communications has plenty of experience helping businesses attract top-tier talent through things like digital advertisements, social media promotions, and website listings. Interested in more information on recruitment strategies that work? Download our FREE ebook guide below!

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