Is Radio Dead? 5 Reasons Why Radio Advertising Is Still Relevant in 2019


Although 2019 is known to be a digital world, the effectiveness of radio advertising is still undeniable. For example, did you know that radio consistently reaches 93% of Americans each week? Statistics like this one help prove why business owners and marketers across the country are still looking to radio to promote their companies. Today, we’re taking this topic even further by providing the top five reasons that radio advertising is still relevant in 2019.

Radio’s Reach

Based on the statistic mentioned above, nine out of ten Americans listen to the radio each week. That fact alone proves that radio is relevant: It consistently reaches a broad audience, making it a highly desirable advertising medium to businesses. Radio is also transportable, allowing advertisers to reach multiple audience segments at home, at work or most commonly, during their daily commute. Not only can radio advertising reach multiple segments, it can also allow businesses to interact with diverse audiences. That's because over 90% of Millennials, generation X, boomers, Hispanics and African Americans report listening to the medium.

In addition, research proves that radio usually reaches consumers within two hours of their largest purchase of the day. This is because radio allows you to interact with consumers while they are on-the-go and most likely driving somewhere where they will make a purchase decision. This makes advertising on this medium a highly attractive opportunity for businesses!

Radio’s Frequency

Did you know that Americans aged 12 and over listen to 13+ hours of radio each week? That much listening means that radio allows consumers to consistently hear the same ads over and over again. Frequency, or hearing the same advertisements repeatedly, is required for successful marketing. That’s because in order for an ad to stick with someone, they must hear it at least three times a week. It makes sense then that business owners and marketers are still leveraging the powerful frequency aspect of radio advertising to boost their overall brand awareness.

Streaming options

As we mentioned above, radio is mobile since many consumers tune in while they are on-the-go in their cars. However, did you know that radio is even more mobile than that? Streaming options allow radio to have digital functions as well. People can listen to radio stations through apps on their phones, laptops at work, and on other mobile devices.

Since Millennials are almost fully digital with 64% of them using their smartphone to listen to music, radio advertising is the perfect platform for reaching this important demographic.

Reliable ROI

Radio advertising also provides businesses with a reliable way to track their return on investment, or ROI. A study by Nielsen recently proved this. In this study, researchers examined radio’s return on ad spending in four retail categories: department stores, home improvement stores, mass merchandisers, and quick-service restaurants. Based on this research, every dollar spent in radio advertising could generate up to $17 of revenue from listeners exposed to ads.

In addition to that study, the Radio Advertising Bureau has proven that radio provides a 49% ROI advantage over platforms like television. This means that local businesses see a more immediate return with radio advertising than with other mediums.  

A Creative Way To Tell Your Story

Radio advertising revolves around creative ads that are designed to grab attention and make a lasting impact with consumers. This means that businesses can have fun with their ads and share their message in creative ways that will strike a chord with audiences.

Telling your story with your business’ personality through radio advertising is found to be extremely effective, especially when it comes to radio endorsements. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 52% of consumers report that their favorite on-air personality influences their opinion and 51% either considered or purchased a product brought up on-air during that personality's show. The more creative you can get with telling your story, the more success your advertising will have.

Speaking of, when it comes to creative advertisements, that is our specialty! Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group is proud to have an award-winning creative service team that has a proven track-record of creating ads that not only attract attention, but also sell!

We hope that after reading this, it’s obvious that radio is far from dead; it’s actually extremely relevant, even in today’s digital world! It boasts a wide reach and frequency, it offers digital streaming options, and it provides a reliable method for tracking ROI. That’s why smart businesses across the country are still choosing to advertise their products and services on the radio.


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