Employee Recruitment: Why Radio Recruitment Works In 4th Quarter


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to find new employees! And the most wonderful way to recruit the perfect candidates? Radio, by a landslide.

The fact is that 53% of small businesses in the U.S. report struggling to find qualified applicants for their job openings. But in the true holiday spirit, the fourth quarter consistently shows up as the “standout season” for recruiting new talent.

So, what does your business need to know in order to take advantage of this opportune recruiting period?

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Why Radio Recruitment Works

1. It's Fast

Radio recruitment campaigns provide a quick and efficient solution. Per week, radio reaches a significant percentage of adults who say they are “very likely” to change jobs during the next year. It’s also important to note that radio often proves its worth by reaching family members, spouses, or friends of a person in need of a new job. Therefore, the chances of influencing potential candidates to apply in a timely manner are high. In comparison, online recruitment postings attract a plethora of users from anywhere in the world, creating the need for a time-consuming “weeding out” process in order to wade through all of the unqualified applicants.

2. It Reaches Niche Demographic Groups

Business owners and managers usually have an exact idea of the type of new employee they’re searching for. Because it’s easy to pinpoint the typical demographic of a station’s listener base, radio has the unique ability to reach targeted, niche audiences suitable to your business requirements. This means that your recruitment advertisement will fall on the ears of listeners who best match your target demographic.

Unlike online job postings who only attract those actively searching for a job right then, radio has the unique ability to reach people in a passive state as well. Someone could be on their way home from an unsatisfying day at work when they hear an advertisement for a new employment opportunity. Hearing about your opportunity may just put them in a different frame of mind, and could eventually convert into an application for your business’ job opening.

3. It Produces Positive, Easily Trackable ROI

Because radio advertisements reach such targeted audiences, quality results are inevitable. Therefore, achieving a positive return on your business investment is easily attainable. Radio recruitment campaigns are also convenient for ROI tracking purposes. Businesses can simply check to see if their number of applicants has increased since kicking off their radio recruitment campaign. They can also monitor their website traffic to determine if they’ve received more views since their advertisements began.Recruitment-advertising-resource-guide

4. It’s Personal

Stirring someone with a compelling radio advertisement while they’re in the comfort of their own car, home, or at work, is much more captivating than a person stumbling across a simple job posting online. Radio also has the ability to incorporate appealing testimonials from current employees who can attest to how satisfied they are with their careers.

Many listeners also feel a connection to radio personalities and a sense of trust and loyalty to certain stations, and this bodes well for employers who advertise their current job openings via radio. Potential applicants don’t have to worry about the credibility of an employment opportunity they’re hearing about, unlike job postings online that can be deceiving as to what the position really entails.

How to Get Started Today

1. Define Your Ideal Employee

Carefully determine the qualities that the best-fit candidate for your business would possess. What type of person would adjust and fit in with your company’s culture? What do you see in your current employees that you would like to see in potential applicants?  Dig deep and contemplate: What can your business offer that would tempt a person to leave a job they’ve had for years and consider your job opening instead?

2. Test Your Ad on Current Employees

Once your recruitment advertisement is created, audition it for your current staff. Ask them if it would make them apply for the job. If so, you’re on the fast track to attracting applicants similar to your already qualified team.

3. Take Advantage of the 4th quarter

Don’t neglect the benefits of advertising for new employees during the prime season for job recruitment. Act today and reap the reward of a qualified, long-term employee who will help your business thrive.

5. Contact Zimmer Communications

Once you’ve determined the ideal characteristics essential to a qualified applicant, contact us. Our marketing team can help find the station that’s the perfect fit for your business.

Our award-winning creative staff will then go to work, carefully crafting a compelling advertisement sure to produce quality results.

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