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creative-marketing-content.jpgIt’s not uncommon for businesses to get wrapped up in day-to-day tasks and fall behind in their marketing efforts. Many companies focus solely on the processes and sales that make money immediately, but what they’re missing is that marketing efforts will bring in new business and guarantee even more money in the future. Marketing creative can take your business far; especially when your message is tailored to the specific medium you’re working with and for your target audience.

Why is Creative Marketing Important and Where Should You Start?

Creative marketing content will make you stand out and be memorable to your audience. Radio advertising, specifically, is powerful and can get you the results you want. Ninety percent of Americans (aged 12 and older) listen to the radio on a weekly basis – that’s a lot of people who will hear your message! To succeed with radio advertising, you first need to create a strategy and script that differentiates your business and reaches your specific audience. You want to make sure your content helps your audience, not just sells to them. Do some research what opportunities, challenges, or problems is your audience facing? What answers can you give them? What are their interests? Once you figure that out, tell your listeners how your product or service benefits them. Your ad should answer the question: What’s in it for me?

You want to ensure your radio ad is not only helpful but that what you’re saying connects with your audience. Listeners are much more likely to respond, trust you, and work with you when they feel a connection or know that you understand what it’s like being in their shoes. If you help them with the challenges they’re having, you’re well on your way to becoming their trusted resource.

It’s also important to make sure your radio ads differ from your competition. Don’t shy away from trying something new - It can make you stand out and look authentic to your listeners. Remember, a radio ad in many ways is like making a first impression You only have about 10-60 seconds to get your message across, so it’s important you get it right.

What Are You Missing in Your Marketing Creative?

If your company has been putting time into marketing efforts, but you feel you’re not quite getting the results you want, there are a few things you could be missing. Here’s what to consider:

Are you telling a story to connect with your audience? The content in your radio ad might be compelling and engaging, but is it compelling and engaging to the right audience? You should be writing your ads specifically for your target listeners, or you could be wasting your time. This is why really understanding your target audience is important.

Is your content consistent with your branding? No matter what marketing channel you’re using to post or promote your content, you must be consistent with your branding. You don’t want to make your audience do any of the work   you want your brand to be easily recognizable to your company, even through radio!

How clear is your call-to-action? Your radio ad should have a clear message that is not confusing. You have a short amount of time for each ad - make it easy for your audience to know what action you want them to take. Whether it’s visiting your website, attending a promotion, calling your office, or buying a particular product--make it clear and easy for them to act.

How much time are you allowing for results? Don’t beat yourself up if your radio ad isn’t getting you the results you want after a few weeks. It takes time for it to work. In fact, if you’re running a branding campaign, you want to allow at least 4-6 weeks for each ad to run before you start switching up the message. For an action campaign, you must be sure to have a clear sense of urgency so your audience knows how much time they have to react.

Are you ready to take your radio ads to the next level and increase business for your company? When you’re creating creative marketing content, be sure to download our free eBook, 10 Ways to Make Sure Your Radio Ad Creative Doesn’t Fall Flat, to learn how to write an ad that will bring you new and consistent business.

4 steps to developing killer advertising creative

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