3 Ways to Tell If Your Ads Are Actually Part of a Marketing Campaign

marketing campaign best practicesDeveloping your marketing around a common theme or goal is the essence of all marketing campaigns and in this post we’re going to be discussing some marketing campaign best practices and ways to tell if your ads are indeed part of a cohesive marketing strategy. Let’s get started!

1. Your Branding Is Consistent

Branding for your advertising needs to best represent your business regardless of where it is being seen or heard. If your creative elements are consistent, it will show consumers you have a single unified brand message—like using the same character voice, tagline, or jingle in all of your radio ads.

And for consumers to really remember your message, frequency is key. This means exposing your audience to your brand message consistently, over time, in order to increase brand awareness. Looking at radio again, this means setting up a schedule for your advertising over a period of time that’s most effective and aligns with the advertiser's budget.

2. Your Message Is Promoted Across a Variety of Channels

In order to increase effectiveness, ads should be repurposed and utilized across social, digital, and traditional media. However, this doesn’t entail using a “one size fits all” approach to your marketing. While keeping your core elements are crucial, think hard about how to tweak things to be optimized for each channel. Sharing a link on Facebook is a much different form of communication than a radio ad, so make sure you’re coming across the right way for each medium. You’ll still need to have a focus and target your efforts, but your strategy should include a message that spans across multiple channels. Even within radio, for example, you might be advertising across a few different stations. For example, you may tailor your ads on a sports talk station for that audience, but have a slightly different strategy for advertising on a Top 40 station.

3. Your Calls to Action Are Promoting the Same Messaging and Content

Tightly integrated campaigns have consistent calls to action across all channels. In the end, your goal is to drive people into the sales funnel and get them closer to becoming a customer. For example, are you looking to increase the number of consultations your salespeople provide? Grow the number of emails in your newsletter subscriber database? It’s these key calls to action that should be included across all ads. The most effective advertising uses only one call-to-action per message.

By putting some of these three ways to tell if your ads are part of a marketing campaign into practice, you’ll develop a cohesive brand message that will resonate loud and clear for your target audience, no matter what format you use.

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