The Role of Radio in Brand Building and Awareness

the-role-of-radio-in-brand-building-and-awarenessRadio remains a crucial part of any comprehensive advertising strategy and has played a vital role as such since its earliest founding in 1922 when AT&T first sold advertising slots for businesses to advertise on local radio stations. Today, radio can yield great results, especially for your local customer base. So, what is the role of radio brand building and awareness? Well, you just might be surprised to learn that this strategy is very much worth investing in. Let’s explore some of the key benefits to see why:

Mass Appeal

According to the latest Nielsen Audio report, around 92% of Americans aged 12 and older listen to the radio at least weekly. In fact, radio listenership surpassed television viewership in Q3 2022. That means radio remains to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. In reality, it gives your brand access to a huge potential audience. Radio is especially ideal for reaching local audiences, as many listeners tend to tune into their favorite stations while driving or working. Offers something that many other advertising mediums can''s both live and local, connecting listeners with not just on-air personalities but with community events, news and information, weather, and more. For that reason, part of radio's mass appeal is its capacity to build relationships with listeners, something people want and need in today's digital world. 

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Let’s face it, getting your brand’s name in front of your audience can become expensive. Thankfully, though, radio advertising is extremely cost-effective. This is especially true when you compare it to other traditional advertising channels. Just consider what would go into making even a short 60-second TV ad. You would have to employ voice actors, a full cast and crew, sound designers, and actors, and need to get the right equipment just to get started. Conversely, by advertising via radio, you can reach a large audience, all without breaking the bank. In fact, effective radio ads take much less investment and typically only demand a good script and a voice actor to get the message across. Radio ads also usually only need to be recorded once and then can be reformatted for many different uses. 

Targeted Audience

Radio stations often have specific target audiences based on their programming, music genre, or format. This is extremely helpful for you as a brand because it allows you to target specific demographics to reach your ideal customers. In other words, it takes the research work out of your hands and lets you just tap into a rich target audience. Radio allows you as a brand to hone in on just the group you want to target to get the most out of your advertising dollars. You get the benefit of both reach and frequency with the audience most likely to be interested in your products and services. 

Emotional Connection

Radio has a unique ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. This differs from other forms of advertising that can come off as impersonal and without feeling. On the other hand, radio personalities often become trusted friends with their listeners. Therefore, by placing ads on a favorite radio show with a beloved personality, radio ads can make great use of that emotional connection and you are able to leverage their influence. It’s almost like asking a trusted friend for a recommendation and then believing what they say about a product or service.

With 88% of consumers trusting word of mouth over other types of information, according to a Trust Advertising Study completed by Nielson, it’s obvious why utilizing a trusted show host or program to promote a brand could be a good partnership. Also,  just because listeners don’t actually know these individuals, their opinion still seems to hold weight since many feel they are trusted friends. 

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Consistency is key to building brand awareness. Thankfully, radio offers your brand the ability to maintain a consistent presence. Regular radio ads can help keep your brand in mind and increase listeners' recall. It’s important to note that it has been proven that individuals need to hear a message several times before they act on or can recall the message. In fact, research by American Express found that it takes three to seven times before a message will register.  Radio makes it easy to achieve frequency in a listener's mind, building repetition until they know, understand, and respond to your advertising message. 


Unlike other mediums, radio can be consumed while individuals do other things, such as driving, working, exercising, and more. This means that listeners can hear your ads while engaged with other activities, which can lead to increased exposure and brand awareness. Therefore, unlike social media ads, TV commercials, or even billboards, radio allows you to reach people virtually all day no matter what they are doing. Many people enjoy listening to the radio in the background, especially while working. While they likely don’t even realize it, they hear every ad.

It’s Still an Effective and Powerful Tool

Despite the digital nature of our society, radio advertising, which some might consider an old hat, is still a powerful tool for building brand awareness and driving sales. So, tune in to your favorite radio station and increase your brand’s impact! Contact us today at Zimmer Communications to learn more about modern ways to implement radio advertising in today’s business advertising. set up a complimentary consultation with Zimmer Communications

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