Advertising Burnout: What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed by Options

There is no doubt that marketing is still one of the single most important aspects of owning a business. And with the massive array of advertising options at your fingertips, one would think that establishing your brand and reaching your target audience would be easier than ever.

That’s not always the case...Because there are so many advertising options available, and those options are changing almost daily, it can be overwhelming. We understand. We recognize the signs in the businesses we talk to and know how to help you navigate through the uncertainty. See if you find yourself in any of the scenarios below:advertising-in-uncertain-times

Scenario #1: The Taste-Tester

In a bid to grow your business and promote your brand, you readily explore all the options that are out there. Although you're familiar with some forms of advertising, such as radio ads or social media, you realize there are literally thousands of other options available. You know you can’t be an expert at everything and each of them sounds good, so you try a little bit of everything. 

The Problem

By advertising across too many platforms at once, you run the risk of diluting your brand's image and losing its message. Because your advertising is spread too thin, you don't get the ROI you expect. It also makes you vulnerable to overspending since you’re not following a specific strategy but rather impulse-buying whatever sounds good at the time.

The Solution

There are a lot of options available, but that doesn't mean you should try all of them at once! You run the risk of diluting your effectiveness and not being effective on any of them. Our recommendation is to research your target audience and find the channels that will reach them most effectively. Then, plan an effective campaign that matches your budget and be relentless. Don’t expand until you are able to do so. As that strategy works and your business grows, so will your budget. Once you have maximized a particular advertising platform, then - and only then - is it time to add a new one.Boost your marketing ROI

Scenario #2: The Old-Schooler

Having been in the advertising business for a while, you have a firm grasp of what works well for your organization. You may have become curious and wanted to consider other options, but you became overwhelmed by them all. Consequently, you decide to play it safe and stick with what has worked for you for a long time.

The Problem

Nothing bad happens... but nothing really changes either. Business is steady but isn’t growing. New competitors are making things tough and while you are grateful for your existing customers, you need new ones to keep your business moving in the right direction.

The Solution

The good news is that consistency works, and you’ve done well by selecting some of your more traditional mediums and staying the course. The downside is that the competitive landscape is changing, as is your target consumer. Their buying process is changing, and you need to be open to new methodologies in order to stay competitive. Choose one or two new advertising mediums that complement your traditional strategy. Studies show that traditional advertising, when combined with digital options, creates a 50% better lift as they work together. First-time-radio-advertiser's-guide-to-success

Scenario #3: The Freezer

Because you don’t know what to do, you choose not to do anything. Maybe you’ve “tested” a few strategies and didn’t really see results, which convinces you that advertising doesn’t work. Your response is to not respond, to freeze any decision-making and ignore the options. You convince yourself that the only thing that works is  “word of mouth” and only do what little you can manage on your own: posting on your social media pages and emailing your existing clients. Potential marketing partners come to you with plans, but bottom line is that you don’t really trust what they have to say.

The Problem

Despite your best efforts, business isn’t growing. You want it to, but because you're doing it all yourself, the thought of more work on an already overfull plate scares you. You only admit to yourself that you can’t do it all, and you are getting burned out trying to keep all the plates spinning by yourself.

The Solution

Find a marketing voice that you trust - preferably someone who understands your business, listens to your goals and dreams, and is willing to set goals and be held accountable for them. Sometimes, in trying to do it all themselves, a business owner can be their own worst enemy. It may be time to trust a partner.

Avoiding Advertising Overwhelm

We get it. The number of advertising options available can seem overwhelming. Heck, it overwhelms us sometimes, and we’re in the business! There are so many different ways to advertise your business that it’s hard to know where to turn.

The key, we believe, is to find focus and implement a consistent plan. Your marketing partner should listen to what you have to say and make objective recommendations in your best interest. Start with what you can afford and be relentlessly consistent. Build slowly over time, and whatever you do…don’t stop. set up a complimentary consultation with Zimmer Communications

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