What Your Business Can Expect When You Work With Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group (And How We’re Different From The Others!)

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With recent reports declaring that traditional radio reaches the ears of 93% of the general population every week, it’s becoming (even more) abundantly clear to businesses that radio advertising is the best way to market to the masses. At Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, we’re strong believers in the power of radio because we consistently witness the incredible results that our clients experience.

With that being said, we also recognize that there are many other marketing options pulling business owners in a variety of directions. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to identify exactly what can be expected from us as a marketing partner, as well as point out why we’re different from any other advertising option.

We’re Partners With You.

We don’t take the title, “partner,” lightly. The word itself implies that there is someone on your side, looking out for you and your well-being. It suggests that someone is fully devoted to your success. It indicates a secure relationship. Above all other motivations, Zimmer is committed to being your partner.

Simply stated, this means that we care. We listen to your questions, concerns, goals, and future plans. We make suggestions that are for the best interest of your business. We tailor all marketing solutions to meet your business’ specific needs. We genuinely desire to see you succeed. We stick to our motto: “We’re in business to help your business grow!” So, what exactly does that look like? We’ll explain in-depth below.

We’re Local.

Local expertise matters when it comes to marketing. Regional trends directly affect consumer spending habits. Non-local radio stations and large, advertising agencies are at a huge disadvantage. Because they are not actively involved in the market in which they broadcast, specific audience targeting is nearly impossible. Their advertisements are more like “prayers” that they hope the general public will find relatable.

At Zimmer, we have a firm grasp on local, consumer spending trends, as well as the overall personality of our community. We know the specific types of messages that Mid-Missouri consumers can instantly relate to, so we carefully craft our clients’ selling messages to fit that mold. Our clients are able to rest assured, knowing that their advertisements will strike a chord with the people nearest their business.

We Know Radio.

For the past 60 years, Zimmer has been living and breathing radio. This means that we have a strong understanding of the types of advertising campaigns that work, as well as the ones that don’t. We know the general public’s listening habits and build our clients’ radio advertising campaigns with that information at the forefront of our minds. The marketing campaigns that we construct are specifically designed to make our radio listeners act. Not only do we have a legacy of success to gain understanding from, but we are constantly continuing our education and staying current with any new market trends.

We Know Our Stations.

At Zimmer, we have nine unique radio stations, each reaching specific demographic groups and socioeconomic classes. This diversity presents an incredible opportunity for businesses, as it is easy to “hand select” the exact target audience that your business would like to market to, guaranteeing quality results. As your marketing partner, we will work to ensure that your business is on the correct station(s) that closely align(s) with your business’ specific needs.

We Prioritize Open, Honest Communication.

To fulfill our role as a partner, we are determined to craft unique proposals for each and every client. This can only be done through open and honest conversations where our clients’ needs are discussed in-depth. This is the reason we ask so many questions before creating an actual proposal. We want to be absolutely sure that we are on the same page when it comes to expectations and our clients’ definitions of success.

We’re Committed To Results.

While the above points sound great in theory, will they actually bring in results? We know that you’ll hold us accountable, and we’re happy about that! We want to be sure that we’re doing everything possible to reap success for your business. That’s why we’re committed to regularly setting client meetings where we help you measure recent results, accurately calculate ROI, and make any necessary changes to the current advertising campaign(s). This type of honest and intentional communication is the secret ingredient that allows us to bring our clients the results they seek!

We’re Cost Effective.

All of our clients receive top-notch, in-house creative and ad production. This can end up saving quite a bit of money in the long-run, as other advertising businesses charge extra for these services.

We Provide Award-Winning Creative.

Don’t let the cost-effective creative and production services fool you! Our creative team consistently develops high-quality, award-winning advertisements that have a history of producing dramatic results for our clients. And speaking of awards, our creative services department was recently nominated for four Radio Mercury Awards! (Basically, this is equivalent to the Oscars of radio.) You can read more about these award nominations here

We Develop Brands, Not Just Ads.

Quality advertisements are important, but building a brand is even more crucial. At Zimmer, we work to ensure that we develop your marketing around a common theme or goal so that all of your advertisements fit into an all-inclusive, cohesive marketing campaign. We create catchy jingles and slogans that are sure to get your business noticed and stuck in consumers’ heads. We also include enticing calls-to-action to encourage the public to act. We do everything we can to brand your business into a household name!

We Offer Integrated Marketing Solutions.

So, it’s clear that, at Zimmer, we believe in the power of radio; however, we also believe in the power of digital, and especially, the remarkable power that comes from integrating these two advertising mediums. In an effort to help our clients achieve significant growth, we not only offer radio advertising, but also a variety of digital marketing options. These include: website design and development, logo design, digital contest promotions, social media management, ShopMidMo, blog writing, and much more! Get a more in-depth description of these digital services here.

In an effort to present our partners with even more integration opportunities, Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group now offers magazine advertising options. We believe that magazine advertising is a highly effective form of marketing because it enables you to narrowly target your audience. Each of our three publications reaches a different demographic: Inside Columbia Magazine is aimed at middle-aged women with a family; CEO Magazine targets men and focuses heavily on business owners; and Prime Magazine addresses the interests of older demographics. Learn more about the advantages to coupling radio and magazine advertising here.

We hope this blog has helped to show you what you can expect when you partner with Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group and why we’re different from other advertising options. Contact us today and let us learn more about your business and how we can come alongside you and help you succeed!  


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