How a Brand Marketing Workshop Can Change Your Business and Your Life!

brand-marketing-workshopDeveloping a brand strategy for your business is critical to marketing and to the long-term success of your business. In order for a strategy to be effective, a plan must be fully developed and implemented but if you lack the knowledge, it can be difficult to determine what the best strategy is. With the help of the workshops facilitated by Zimmer Communications, your business can become an even more competitive player in your industry. The Brandsformation Workshop and Brand Marketing Workshop are offered as a complimentary service from Zimmer Communications. The goal is to help business owners and staff develop and identify a brand that is a reflection of their vision and that resonates with consumers. We understand how important it is to convey the right message to your audience and have the knowledge and necessary resources to help you through the process.

Prior to the workshop, we ask each business to complete a Business Profile, a questionnaire that provides us with the information needed to conduct a workshop that is customized to the needs and goals of your business. The more detailed you are in answering the questions, the more focused and productive the workshop can be. During this workshop, various staff members are invited to attend to allow for a wide range of perspectives and ideas. We frequently have sales managers, creative service people and digital marketing experts participate in our workshops. During the hour and a half to two hours that these workshops typically last, we will lead you through a variety of exercises outlining the most important steps for developing your brand.

The workshops are designed to help you create a plan based on your individual business needs. There are four key areas that are covered:


Analysis will be completed to determine where you are within the market and how to better place your business in the market.

Strategy-Based Messaging

Using the information provided on your Business Profile as well as what is gathered during the workshop to develop a creative strategy that works for your business.


Consistency is a key component to building a reputation among customers. Once you have identified and expanded upon your brand’s strategy and messaging, it’s important to remain consistent through all of the outlets your business uses from social media to radio ad campaigns. This gives customers a reason to trust you. Consumers want to know what to expect and a consistent brand image and message helps them do that.


Another component to building reputation is frequency. If you aren’t being seen by your customers consistently for extended periods of time, they are more likely to forget about you. All of the creative brainstorming and best campaigns in the world will never work if you don't run your ads often enough. You have to think about how many messages the average person is bombarded with on a daily basis, running your ads too infrequently will never get you the results you're looking for. One ad a day on the radio just isn't enough to make an impression on someone.

What works in advertising is what you say and how many times you say it. Not updating your business’s Facebook page for months or sending out email newsletters too sporadically encourages people to take their business elsewhere. Find the frequency that makes most sense for your business and make adhering to the timeline a priority.

Our commitment is to developing and building relationships with businesses in the Mid-Missouri market. During the Brandsformation and Brand Marketing Workshops, our branding and marketing strategists will use their expertise to guide you through the process of developing a brand that strongly reflects your mission and vision as a business. Why do we offer this complimentary service? We want to see you succeed, grow and reach the goals you have outlined for your business.


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