What Is a Brand Marketing Workshop? (And Why Every Business Needs One)

brand marketing workshopLet’s face it, at some point every business is going to need to refresh their brand. This could be for any number reasons, maybe your old branding is out of date or you want to re-brand to reach out to a different audience, or you’re not getting the results you want with your current marketing.

While there are a variety of ways businesses can begin to address the issue of re-branding, one of the most effective is a brand marketing workshop. But what is a brand marketing workshop and what are the steps to branding your business—what we’d like to call brandsformation?

Here we’ll discuss the answers to all of those questions, as well as give you some insight into why every business needs a brand marketing workshop at some point. Let’s get started!

1. What's a Brand Marketing Workshop?

The goal of any brand marketing workshop is to help business owners and staff identify and create a brand that best reflects their vision and values. This goes towards developing a brand image that connects and resonates with consumers. As a complimentary service to its clients, Zimmer Communications offers things like The Brandsformation Seminar and a Brand Marketing Workshop to help develop a brand identity. These workshops also help clients create individualized brand marketing plans based on specific needs and challenges.

2. Why Every Business Needs a Brand Marketing Workshop

Brand marketing workshops have become essential to most businesses because they give business owners a chance to work “on” their business, rather than “in” the business. Owners that don’t take the time to step back and think strategically about their brand are doing themselves a huge disservice. Moreover, business owners may need assistance creating an overall strategy. These strategic plans help lay out the next 6-12 months of their marketing so that every month they aren’t asking themselves, “well, what should we run now?” Business owners may not have the tools or know-how to put a marketing plan in place, and therefore require tips and best practices from industry professionals.

3. What Is Covered in a Brand Marketing Workshop?

The Brandsformation Seminar and other Brand Marketing Workshops available from Zimmer Communications normally consist of the four following key areas:

  • Strategy - Zimmer will help you conduct an overall market analysis to determine where your brand stands in relation to your competitors and how to better position your business in the market.
  • Strategy-Based Messaging - You’ll then be able to use the information in your marketing analysis to create an overall creative strategy that works for your specific business and industry. The workshop will help you develop and create an entire campaign rather than having to create a new ad each and every month.
  • Consistency - Once you’ve developed a clear and powerful brand messaging strategy and creative program, you’ll want to make sure that your messaging is consistent across all channels.
  • Frequency - Not reaching out to your customers on a regular basis will cause them to disengage from your brand. It’s also important to strike a balance between frequency and variety. Running your ads frequently and consistently is a best practice but running the same ads too frequently is absolutely a turn off for listeners and will get to the point where your message no longer surprises them or offers anything of value. A standard best practice we preach at Zimmer is a minimum of 25 ads per week, per station and always remembering to change the message every six weeks!

If you need help with your creative strategy, campaign development, or simply getting more out of your marketing efforts, then a Brand Marketing Workshop is probably in order for your business.

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