How to Use Magazine Advertising to Brand Your Business


You've probably heard the phrase "print is dead." Given the surge in increased digital usage, current trends in print readership seem to support that statement. However, while magazine is a printed medium, it is not considered "print" in the journalistic sense of the word. The word "print" refers to the world of newspapers, while magazine is a different beast. There are those who prophesied the decline of magazine in the face of its digital counterparts, however, recent data reveals that prediction to have been false. Magazine readership continues to grow.  Online readership has served to enhance, not replace, our favorite magazines. There's absolutely no indication that magazine readership is doing anything but increasing. In fact, many newspapers created magazines as a last-ditch effort to bring in additional revenue. Magazines remain to be a powerful branding strategy and a lucrative form of advertising…if utilized correctly. Here’s how to build your brand using magazine advertising:

How It Works: Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy With Magazine Advertising

1. Be Consistent

Don’t make the mistake of depending on sporadic advertising efforts. To tap into the conscience of a faithful readership, build credibility, and create brand awareness and trust, your brand needs to appear more frequently. This can also be a more cost-effective strategy, as many magazines offer discounts if you purchase advertising for a longer-term schedule. This means the more insertions you buy, the less expensive they become per unit.

2. Be Aware of the Audience or Readers

Who are the readers of the magazine with which you wish to advertise? Why do they choose to pick up the magazine? Are they ordering it via mail or reading it while waiting in a doctor’s office? What is the focus of the magazine that month, is it an editorial focus on a pertinent topic or a magazine about making your home beautiful? Take everything about the magazine you are advertising with into consideration, along with who their readers are…then create an ad that will capture that reader’s interest. The idea of an ad, after all, is to entice a reader to follow up, contact you, do a Google search for more information, etc. To do this effectively, you must tailor your ads to the right readers within the right magazine.

3. Be Different

Offer up something special for readers. If your brand doesn’t jive well with a particular magazine, this doesn’t mean you can’t advertise within its pages. It simply means you have to be a more creative and create a campaign that stands out. Construct your ads uniquely to promote attention. Offer helpful ad-ons like recipes or other snippets that readers will appreciate within your existing ad. It doesn’t have to correlate with your brand or the rest of the ad, it’s just something that will stop a reader from turning the page and get them to look a second longer at your ad.

4. Be Somewhat Aggressive (in a good way)

Frequency is key! One ad in an issue might not be effective enough. Instead, try a series of ads within the same issue. This is a great way to get more bang for your buck. There may be a time when 3 smaller ads can generate more interest and response than a single larger. Talk with your marketing representative about creative ways to go after an audience with multiple ads in a single issue. 

5. Be Mindful of Your Current Campaign

While you might add little nuggets to specific ads for certain magazines, as mentioned above, your overall advertising theme should be harmonious. One message, repeated across multiple channels, is an ideal way to hammer a message home. Your radio should coincide with your magazine, which should match your digital and be reinforced in your social media. When everything is cohesive, you don't just create impact, you build trust. Don't be afraid to make a statement and get noticed.

We challenge you to step up your current marketing strategy and expand it into magazine. Magazine advertising is a classy way of presenting your business in and reaching a super upscale clientele. Just as you do with any other marketing strategy, though, it’s important to create an overarching advertising plan and then stay with it until it pays off. 


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