Local Magazine Advertising: The "Energizer Bunny" of the Marketing World


Everyone knows about the Energizer bunny. Since we first met him years ago, he’s kept going and going and going… Countless commercials starring the “little [energizer] that could” have resulted in this rabbit becoming a symbol of time-tested perseverance and durability.

In the advertising world, another version of the Energizer bunny exists. This version is a marketing medium that has been able to effectively just keep going and going and going. It has withstood numerable market and technology changes, yet has emerged from each decade with its relevance still intact. So, which medium are we referring to?

Can we get a drum roll please?


We're talking about the power of local magazine advertising

In today's post, we're breaking down the reasons that local magazine advertising has persevered, plus we’re pointing out why business owners and advertisers should be sure to incorporate this medium into their marketing mix.

Digital’s Downfalls

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world! We’re not going to lie either: we’re pretty fond of the benefits of it! So much so that we are proud to offer a variety of digital services to our advertising partners.

Unfortunately, the downside to the rise of digital marketing is that it has caused false perceptions about local magazine advertising to develop. Some are surprised that magazines are still around, claiming that they seem outdated, inefficient, or irrelevant in today’s digital age. But just as the infamous Energizer bunny’s batteries have kept him rolling along, local magazine advertising has also been able to just keep going. “But how,” you ask? In order to explain, we must understand that digital marketing has its fair share of setbacks.

Due to its rising popularity, the digital space is extremely overcrowded. It is also often perceived as an impersonal form of marketing. Not to mention, many Internet users would consider it second-nature to assume that most digital ads are highly suspicious and untrustworthy. As a matter of fact, a 2017 survey found that just 7% of survey participants viewed online ads in a positive light.

Not only this, but digital marketing tends to consume a lot of time! How much exactly? According to a study from Social Media Today, “more than 60% of digital marketers report spending at least 6 hours per day on their digital marketing efforts, while about one in three digital marketers say that they spend 11+ hours working online every day.” This is a hefty time commitment for an already-busy business owner!

All of these setbacks are not meant to completely undermine the use of digital media; however, they should alert business owners and marketers to the fact that another advertising medium must be incorporated into their marketing mix in order to make up for the weaknesses of digital. That’s why so many businesses still see the value in local magazine advertising and have turned to this marketing medium for help!

Local Magazines' Perks

Above, we dropped a few hints about local magazine advertising's ability to come alongside other media and offer unique benefits that some marketing mediums simply cannot provide. So, let’s dive a little deeper into the perks of this advertising medium and discuss how your business can directly benefit from this powerful and persevering platform.  

Local magazines reach a targeted market.

Local magazines, like Inside Columbia Magazine, attract dedicated and passionate audiences who are proud to live where they do. They are already interested in local surroundings, events, and businesses. These passionate magazine readers also fit a very niche demographic group, making this a highly targeted advertising medium. This is a dream-come-true for businesses looking to reach a specific demographic, especially one that is already excited about community happenings.

Local magazines provide a tangible experience.

In a world where attention spans are extremely short-lived, it’s not shocking to hear that most Internet users scan through websites for an average of ten to fifteen seconds. They find the content they need, then navigate away from that particular page, leaving digital ads almost no time to be noticed. Magazines, however, are very different. They provide a tangible experience that causes readers to want to sit back, relax, take their time, and fully interact with what they’re seeing (including the advertisements!).  

Local magazines are less crowded than digital.

As we mentioned above, digital marketing’s sudden rise in popularity has caused this space to become extremely overcrowded. It’s hard to make a lasting impression when there are dozens of other businesses vying for attention at the exact same time and in the exact same place. Local magazines present far less competition, enabling businesses to easily stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impact on readers.  

Local magazines are trustworthy.

Above, we also brought up the fact that a mere 7% of the population views digital ads in a positive light. That’s because an extreme suspicion has developed amongst the majority of Internet users due to cyber-criminals and online scams and viruses. People know that they must be leery of online ads and never be too trusting. On the other hand, local magazine advertisements present no threat to consumers, causing them to make an overall positive impression. It’s understood that there is nothing suspicious about the respectable advertisements in magazines. This makes this medium an honorable platform for businesses to associate themselves with.

Local magazines have a long life expectancy.

Many digital advertisements come and go, but magazines do not disappear so easily. Think about it this way: Magazines occupy doctor’s offices and other waiting areas for months on end. People also love to save their magazines and display them on their coffee tables, desks, and book shelves. Local magazine advertising does not come with an expiration date on its shelf life. It sticks around for the long haul.  

Local magazines are viewed as respected resources. 

As previously mentioned, magazines are highly respectable and trustworthy publications. Local magazines are especially respected by their passionate fan bases. Many would even consider their local magazine as a credible way to receive “advice.” People often turn to magazines to know which businesses to visit. This is evidenced in a recent study that found that 82% of consumers agree that ads in magazines are the best medium to help make purchase decisions. It’s clear that local magazine advertisements are not merely “advertisements;” they are more like recommendations from a trusted source.

Local magazines pair well with other media. 

The above benefits reinforce the fact that local magazine advertising "picks up the slack" that many digital marketing tactics leave behind. It is also worth mentioning that local magazine advertising can be greatly enhanced with radio advertising. Integrating these two mediums allows a brand to reinforce their campaign message and streamline it across media platforms, while still focusing on what works best for each channel. According to Nielsen, radio continues to be the best way to reach consumers during their commute. By using consistent messaging in your radio ads that reinforce your magazine advertising, your ads become even more memorable.

We hope that the above benefits have proven that even in today’s digital world, local magazine advertising is definitely considered to be up-to-date, efficient, and relevant. It truly is the marketing medium that just keeps going (and going and going)!

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