Don't Become A Dying Business


Here lies a dead business.

Cause of Death: Lack of Advertising


Happy Halloween! In honor of the scariest day of the year, we’re letting you in on our biggest fear: Businesses that don’t prioritize advertising. More often than not, the names of such businesses end up engraved onto tombstones, signifying their short-lived impact on their communities. And while the defeated business owners grieve, consumers quickly move on, seeking out the next place where they can have their needs met. 

Depressed yet? Well, here’s the silver lining: This nightmarish scenario can be avoided altogether. When businesses fully grasp their need for quality advertising, they not only live, but thrive. They can be top-of-mind instead of six feet under. Here are six, quick points to remind you that advertising is essential if you’d like to prevent your business from ever kicking the bucket.

1. The need for advertising never dies. 

Today’s business world is ever-changing, but one thing that has never changed and never will is the need for advertising. Advertising creates top-of-mind awareness and builds brands into household names. What good is it to have the best products and services around if no one even knows about them? Don’t ever trick yourself into thinking that your business will “outgrow” this need. Treat your brand with respect by committing to always prioritize quality advertising.

2. Radio guarantees results.

Now that we’ve established that there’s no way around your business’ need for advertising, let’s take it one step further: Are all types of advertising guaranteed to produce quality results? At Zimmer, we believe in the power of radio because we understand that audio ads impact consumers significantly more than visual ads, intrusive media is much more powerful than passive media, controlled advertising is more reliable than word-of-mouth, and traditional radio is substantially more popular than its digital competition.

3. Magazine guarantees results. 

We've previously referred to magazine as the "energizer bunny" of the advertising world. That's because this marketing medium has withstood numerable market and technology changes, yet has emerged from each decade with its relevance still intact. 

Local magazines, especially, continue to attract the attention of business owners and marketers for a number of reasons. Magazines reach a targeted market, provide tangible experiences, are trustworthy, are less crowded than digital, have a long life expectancy, and pair well with other media. Take a look at some of our local magazine advertising opportunities

4. Sleep is the “great eraser.” 

One of the main reasons that advertising is so essential is because sleep is the “great eraser.” That means that while we sleep, our brains naturally purge our minds of various sounds and images that our bodies took in throughout the day. In order for your business to secure a top-of-mind place in consumers’ minds, repetition is key. Just ask McDonald’s. They’re the largest restaurant chain in the world, yet they understand that if they aren’t constantly blasting their selling messages, consumers will begin to forget to go there for their next meal. Your business must also continue to imprint your message into consumers’ minds so that sleep is no match for your determination to build your brand.

5. Quality creative is essential. 

Piggybacking off of our last point, quality creative also helps to combat the eraser-like effects of sleep on the human mind. A business’ advertisements must be memorable and effective in order to make a significant impact. Because of this, a quality, creative campaign is of utmost importance. Great advertisements aren’t just a simple plug for your business, product, or service. They must tell a story in a way that’s relatable to your audience, while avoiding common clichés, and including clear and powerful calls-to-action. Sound daunting? At Zimmer, our award-winning creative services department specializes in developing advertisements that do all of the above.

6. Social media alone isn’t enough. 

While using social media for your small business is surely a must in today’s world, it’s simply not enough to keep your brand alive and well. Instead, it’s crucial to take an integrated approach to maximize the reach of your marketing efforts. Here’s what we mean by this: Social media marketing doesn’t exist in a bubble; rather, it relies on content and messaging from other advertising channels. By integrating social with other forms of advertising, you will create a single, unified brand message, regardless of where your customers meet you.

Maintaining a successful and profitable business doesn’t have to be scary and a tombstone doesn’t have to be your final fate. Put forth the effort to prioritize advertising and who knows? Your business may outlive us all.


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