INFOGRAPHIC: Can Traditional Radio Keep Up With Pandora & Spotify?


Has digital killed the radio star? 

"Pandora" and "Spotify" have officially become buzz words in today's music world, begging the question: "Have these digital radio options made traditional radio obsolete?" 

We're here to get down to the bottom of this! Take a look at the infographic below and see how traditional radio has fared since Pandora and Spotify came onto the scene. 


Despite the digital world we live in, traditional radio has stood strong. It reaches the most people (Millennials and the overall population in general). People spend the most time using it. The overwhelming majority has access to it, and did we mention IT'S FREE to the public? 

When it comes to advertising your business, it's clear that traditional radio advertising is reaching the population much more consistently (and for longer periods of time) than Pandora and Spotify combined! Make the wise decision to market your products and services through this powerful marketing medium today! 


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