How Many Radio Ads Does It Take to Get Results?

How Many Radio Ads Does it Take to Get Results

When it comes to running radio ads, how many ads are the right amount? Running too many can be a waste of money. Of course, running too few ads can be just as problematic, but for different reasons. When you underestimate the number of ads you need to get the desired result, you can become disillusioned and expect results that simply aren’t possible based on the number of resources you are investing in radio advertisements. So, this brings us back to the question, how many radio ads do you need to get the results you want?

Depends on Your Goal

Obviously, what it takes to reach your advertising goals largely depends on your goal itself. Read on to learn more about how to reach specific goals:

Are You Building a Brand?

If your goal is building brand awareness, you want long-term consistency. This means the right formula will be between 25 and 35 ads a week, running Monday through Sunday Total Audience Plan. When building a brand through advertising, ad consistency is more important than frequency. 

Or Are You Driving Quick Response?

If your goal is more results-driven, you want to run an action campaign launching between 45 and 55 ads per week Monday through Sunday Total Audience Plan. When aiming for actions or definable results, your goal is repetitiveness. You want to drive the message home over and over again. When driving results, ad frequency is more important than the consistency. 

NOTE: The most successful radio ad campaigns combine both of these goals helping you not only produce brand recognition but also to drive results.

Other Contributing Factors

In addition to the frequency of radio ads, other factors contribute to the success of a campaign. Therefore, it's important to keep the following factors in mind:

What's Your Message? 

Ad messaging is just as important as the frequency and consistency of ads. Your ad must compellingly tell your business’ story. If you are running an action campaign, the offer must be one that listeners will respond to in a timely manner. 

Who Are You Targeting?

Ad targeting is another factor that is just as important as frequency and consistency to an ad’s success rate. You have to find and reach the right people. This is crucial. 

Interestingly, What’s NOT Important?

Interestingly enough, some factors aren't nearly as important as you might assume. When it comes to producing successful radio ad campaigns, the following factors are NOT important:

A Stations Total Number of Listeners

Many people make the mistake of running too few ads on stations that have the “most” listeners. They chalk up their radio ad success to the station’s ratings, not their ad. That’s a HUGE mistake. Any radio station, no matter its total number of listeners, has the potential of bringing customers to your business, especially the right customers. In fact, it’s much better to reach 5,000 of your target audience than to have your ad heard by 50,000 of the wrong people. 

A Huge Advertising Budget

Yes, your budget limitations are a consideration. However, creating a successful radio ad campaign doesn’t necessarily demand a huge budget. In fact, it's actually best to do what you can afford with frequency and consistency. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a successful radio campaign. Choose the right station and get your messaging right. Then, if your budget limits you to only running ads on weekends, then OWN the weekends. Relentlessly. Buy as many ad spots as you can on every weekend that you can and don’t quit. As your budget grows, you’ll be able to expand to your preferred schedule over time. 

The above information outlines our recommended formulas based on our history of proven results with hundreds of advertisers. At the end of the day...remember, consistency and frequency are what’s most important. Everything else is secondary. 

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