Creating An Offer Your Customers Can't Refuse


Think about it. If you’re going to try and attract more business with a juicy offer, that offer needs to be something that people simply can’t refuse. Because even the most powerful call to action won’t work unless your offer is practically irresistible. Regardless of what you’re selling—and even if you’re giving something away—there are some things that go into creating a really effective offer.

If your offer doesn’t have any of these, chances are it’s not going to generate the results you’re after.

1) You need to offer something your customers want, not just something you think they need (or something that’s easy for you). Keep in mind, of course, that what people want and what they need are rarely the same thing.

2) Prospects must to be able to understand why they would want it. (This is that “What’s In It For Me?” or WIIFM factor us marketers talk about all the time). After all, if there’s no clear benefit to them, why would they bother taking the time or spending the money?

3) Does your offer have a high perceived value? "Perceived" is the key word here. The good news is that an effective offer doesn't have to cost much. It just has to be something of value to your audience. If you're a professional dog trainer and you have an e-mail list of people who just got new puppies, a valuable offer would be the downloadable article, "How to Train Your New Puppy."

4) It has to have more value than risk. Part of this is price. But this is also where bonuses, free reports, cost comparisons, free trials, and money-back guarantees come in. They all either add value or reduce the risk. And they’re all part of the offer.

5) They need a good reason to take action now. People are super busy. So, if they don’t take action right now, they’re likely to procrastinate then forget all about your offer. That means you need to give folks incentive to act immediately. Think limited availability, limited time offer, early bird rates, special bonuses, emphasizing why waiting would be worse, etc.

Just make sure if you do a promotion with limited availability or a limited time offer that it’s true.

If you don’t stick to the promise made in your offer your credibility will go out the window.

And the next time you say you only have five available, you’ll be left in the cold like the little boy who cried wolf!



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