Why Does McDonald’s Continue to Advertise?

Originally posted 10/21/2016 - Updated 7/13/2022

The Golden Arches:

A beacon of hope for the hungry. A symbol of salty fries and hot hamburgers delivered in record time. Even if you're one of the chain's most frequent customers or its most vocal critics, these inspirational facts will remain the same. McDonald's has dominated the fast food industry over the past several decades. With over 100 countries offering their infamous menu, they are officially the largest international restaurant chain in the world. So why do they continue to advertise?

Guide-to-Tracking-Marketing-ROIWhy would a company spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising when almost everyone knows who they are already?

The following are some of the reasons why McDonald's continues to use the mainstream media to promote its products:

To Remain at the Forefront

When you ask people to name a fast food restaurant, you are almost certain that they will mention McDonald's first.

Even if people aren't fans of the chain, they have to mentally say "no" to McDonald's before choosing another option. This is due to the fact that McDonald's has been reminding the public of its existence continuously and proving itself relevant in the market as a result. The only way to do this is through powerful, consistent advertising.

Imagine if McDonald's stopped all advertising tomorrow. There is still a good chance that they will be the first place people think of when looking for a new fast food meal for a short while yet. However, after a while of advertising hiatus, McDonald's began to fade into obscurity. As a result, other fast-food restaurants would attempt to take over the newly opened market and be the new market leader.

By reminding the public of your existence and the benefits you offer, you can make sure your business remains relevant and stays ahead of the competition. If you consistently promote your brand to consumers, it will allow you to remain at the top of the list when they are looking for your product or service.


To Educate

There have been dozens of new and updated menu items from McDonald's over the years. The marketing of what's new regularly boosts sales for new and old products alike.

Without advertising, the public would not be aware of these exciting additions to the menu.

Your business is no different. The success of branding depends on businesses being flexible, open to new ideas, as well as consistent in their branding efforts. By introducing new ideas to your customers, you will not only attract clients who are excited about the changes, but you will also highlight what your products and services already have going for them.

Consumers are compelled to act when they hear of new additions, deals, or improvements within a company. As a result, continuous advertising is necessary to keep the public updated about upcoming events.

To Provide The Power of Suggestion

McDonald's knows that not everyone wakes up craving their breakfast menu right away. However, that does not stop them from advertising their breakfast menu. Somewhere along the morning commute to work, a commercial will fall on a hungry ear - and a simple suggestion will inevitably lead to a sale.

Recruitment-advertising-resource-guideYour business has the power to make similar suggestions to consumers. Your advertisements may not convert into sales quite as quickly, but the recommendations your business makes will stick with people. If they are looking for your product or service in the future, they will already know your business' name.

With all of the benefits of advertising, it is no surprise that McDonald's continues to market their products even after all these years. A company's main goal is to remain at the top of the consumer's mind by providing constant education about new developments and making powerful suggestions that will catch the attention of the public.

If you apply these same advertising principles to your business, you'll say, "I'm lovin' it."


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