Why Does McDonald’s Continue to Advertise?


The Golden Arches:

A beacon of hope to the hungry. A symbol of salty fries and hot hamburgers delivered in record time. Whether you’re a frequent customer or a frequent critic of the chain, the inspirational facts remain.

McDonald’s has asserted its dominance over the fast food industry for the past several decades. With their infamous menu available in more than 100 countries, they are officially the largest restaurant chain in the world.

So, why continue to advertise?

Why allocate hundreds of millions of dollars every year toward their advertising budget if virtually everyone already knows who they are?

Let’s take a deeper look into the reasons why McDonald’s continues to infiltrate mainsteam media with their ads:

To Remain Top of Mind

When people are asked to name a fast food restaurant off the top of their head, chances are McDonald’s is the first one out of their mouths.

The reality is that even if people aren’t raving fans of the chain, they have to mentally say “no” to McDonald's before making another selection. This is due to the fact that McDonald’s is regularly reminding the public of its existence and continually proving its relevance in their market. This can only be accomplished through effective, consistent advertising.

Let’s say that McDonald’s ceases all advertising tomorrow. For a little while, people may still continue to think of them first when considering where they are getting their next fast food meal. But after a while of their advertising hiatus, the McDonald’s brand would inevitably begin to fall into obscurity. Other fast food restaurants would seize the opportunity of the newly open market and push their brands in an effort to take over as the new market leader.

Consistently reminding the public of your existence and the benefits you provide will keep your business relevant and ahead of competition. By routinely advertising your brand, you ensure that your business will remain top-of-mind when consumers are in the market for your industry.

To Educate

Throughout the years, McDonald’s has released dozens of new and updated menu items. By regularly marketing what’s new, sales increase for both newer and older items alike.

Without advertising, there would be no effective way to communicate these exciting menu additions to the public.

The same applies to your business. While consistency is crucial is successful branding, businesses must also be adaptive and open to new ideas. Announcing these to the public will not only draw in customers who are excited for the change, but it will also highlight what is already great about your products or services.

Consumers are called to action when they get word of new additions, deals, or improvements within a company.  Therefore, steady advertising is necessary to educate the public about any new and exciting happenings.

To Provide The Power of Suggestion

McDonald’s knows that people won’t always wake up with the immediate realization that they want to indulge in their breakfast menu. But that doesn't keep them from advertising their breakfast. Somewhere along the morning route to work, an advertisement will fall on a hungry ear -  and a simple suggestion will inevitably turn into a sale.

Your business has the power to make similar suggestions to consumers. While your advertisements may not convert into a sale quite as quickly, the recommendations your business can make will stick with people. Then, when they are in the market for your product or service in the future, they’ll already have your business’ name in mind.

It’s no surprise that with all of these benefits to advertising, McDonald’s has maintained their marketing efforts. They understand the importance of remaining at the top of the consumer’s mind, constantly educating about new developments, and providing powerful suggestions to attract attention from the public. Adopt these same advertising principles into your own business and the results will have you saying, “I’m lovin’ it.”


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