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While digital marketing continues to rise in popularity, it’s important not to overlook the power of traditional marketing methods, particularly radio. According to Nielsen’s Audio Today report, 92% of Americans aged 12 and older listen to the radio weekly. Streaming radio has only added to this popularity as it allows listeners to tune in to their favorite radio stations from anywhere in the world, using their phones or computers.

Traditional radio, also known as terrestrial radio, reaches a local or regional audience through broadcasts. In contrast, online radio streaming allows advertisers to reach a wide and diverse audience through internet platforms. This opens up a world of possibilities for expanding brand reach.

With the ever-increasing popularity of online streaming, it has become crucial for advertisers to stay relevant and find new ways to reach target consumers. By adding online radio streaming to their campaign, advertisers tap into the growing number of people who prefer the reach and versatility of online radio listening. 

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Streaming Radio Provides Enhanced Reach

The benefits of adding streaming to the mix are abundant. Advertisers can expect increased reach as they connect with a wider audience and target individuals who prefer to listen to their favorite radio station online. It opens up the opportunities for reaching a wider audience.

AM/FM terrestrial radio by itself holds the top position as the number one mass-reach audio medium, with an impressive monthly reach of 91%. (source: Nielsen, June 2023) This reach exceeds that of any other ad-supported audio platform available. In comparison, YouTube Music, the next highest ad-supported audio platform, reaches only 26% of adults aged 18+ every month. The ad-supported reach of AM/FM radio is 5x larger than that of Spotify and 8x times greater than both Pandora and Amazon Music. These statistics highlight the significant advantage that AM/FM radio provides in terms of audience reach and engagement.

Add radio streaming to the mix…and you’ve got a targeted powerhouse in radio that is unmatched in reach, flexibility, and impact. 

Traditionally, radio stations have expanded their reach through streaming platforms, offering a unique opportunity for advertisers. Unlike simulcast advertising, streaming radio ads are different and reach a distinct audience. This allows for expanding existing radio schedules by incorporating streaming or even running exclusive campaigns solely focused on streaming listeners. It presents a chance for businesses to tap into a different demographic and maximize their advertising impact. By leveraging the power of streaming, radio stations can cater to a diverse set of listeners and provide advertisers with a platform that complements and enhances their marketing strategies.


Streaming Radio Provides Enhanced Convenience

Streaming also comes with a level of convenience that traditional radio cannot match. Listeners can tune in whenever and wherever they want using their phone, computer, smart speakers, or in-car audio, making it an incredibly versatile advertising platform. For businesses with flexible and spontaneous promotions, events, or announcements, streaming radio is an ideal platform enabling them to reach their audience immediately and keep them engaged with their brand.

In addition to their traditional broadcast, many radio stations now offer the convenience of having their dedicated apps. These apps allow listeners to access their favorite radio stations anytime and anywhere, providing a seamless and personalized listening experience. With these apps, listeners can tune in to their preferred stations, discover new music, catch up on missed shows or podcasts, and even interact with DJs and other listeners through features like live chats or social media integration. The availability of radio station apps adds an extra level of convenience, giving listeners the freedom to enjoy their favorite radio content on their smartphones or other devices, ensuring they never have to miss out on their preferred shows or music, no matter where they are.

Zimmer Communications Streaming Radio Listeners Are Impressive

Zimmer's 13 Missouri radio station streaming attracts an astounding nearly 1 MILLION unique listeners (averaging over 83K listeners monthly) and captivates them for a staggering total of 6,882,788 MILLION hours in the past year (averaging nearly 575K hours monthly).

(Source: Zimmer Communications streaming data, 2023)

The versatility of radio has been enhanced through the growth of streaming, making it an essential tool for business owners and marketers. Making sure that online radio streaming is included in your radio advertising schedule is a smart move. By incorporating streaming in their marketing plans on radio stations, businesses can improve the success rate of their campaigns while offering their audience convenience and versatility. It helps them stay relevant in a changing media landscape and provides increased reach and reinforced brand awareness. With the growth of streaming radio listeners, the potential for businesses to unlock the power of this advertising platform continues to increase.

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