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Whether you are leading a team or running your own business, odds are that recruitment is top of mind. It is becoming increasingly challenging to retain strong talent, and a primary reason for this is the growing trend of 'quiet quitting.' Quiet quitting is the concept that employees are reaching a point of burnout where they no longer perform beyond the bare minimum that their role may require.

Quiet quitting as a trend began in the second half of 2021, coinciding with a rise in job resignations. Both quiet quitting and resignations come as a result of a lack of engagement with the respective employer: whether it is due to not feeling heard, a lack of growth opportunities, or a lack of clarity with expectations, the onus is on the employer to ensure their team is actively engaged and contributing positively to the company vision. By implementing a communication model like True Colors, you can start engaging your team more consistently and say goodbye to quiet quitting for good!

            True Colors is a communication model that emphasizes different personalities through a color spectrum. By understanding the four different color types, team members can quickly determine how best to approach coworkers in a professional setting. This is especially pertinent to managers and leadership who meet with their employees regularly: by tailoring communication to each team member’s communication style, leaders will be able to spark more genuine conversations and steer their employees towards their strengths, actively encouraging higher engagement. Suppose you are a business owner or in senior leadership. In that case, it is also important to check in with your managers, as Gallup recently reported only 1 in 3 managers were engaged at work.

True Colors

            Outside of improving communication, True Colors can also combat quiet quitting by giving team members an implicit sense of belonging to their organization. One of the primary factors that drive quiet quitting is a lack of understanding of how each person contributes to the greater vision. By utilizing a personality model like True Colors, employees are made more aware of their strengths and can more easily see their purpose in the team. Conveying these strengths is part of management’s responsibilities, so we also encourage regular check-ins or one-on-ones with every employee to ensure their direct boss has a sense of their engagement. Having a launch point for how to frame these conversations with each employee is one of the greatest benefits of using True Colors within your organization.

            While it may appear daunting to roll out new standards of communication at work, True Colors is refreshingly simple to understand and implement. Through a one-sheet questionnaire, each team member can immediately see their color spectrum and relate it to their peers. This spectrum can then be implemented through employee nameplates or a directory, different pieces of organization that every team already utilizes. This will keep True Colors top of mind as new team members get acclimated and current team members introduce themselves, maintaining a new consistently engaged company culture where new and veteran team members are contributing to a healthy workplace where everyone is able to thrive. 

If you are interested in implementing True Colors testing, sign up for a True Colors workshop with Zimmer Communications today! We will meet with your team, facilitate testing, discuss True Colors in-depth, and equip you with the resources to set you up for success with True Colors all in one visit!

True Colors Training with Zimmer Communications


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