3 Benefits of True Colors Training


Regardless of the size of your company or the industry you are in, one thing every team needs in order to thrive is communication. In today’s rapidly evolving world, there are more ways to communicate than ever before. While there are benefits to the variety of ways we can work together in the modern day, it can be daunting to figure out what makes the most sense for your team when everyone communicates differently. This is where True Colors personality testing comes into play: by utilizing this system internally, companies can quickly identify how each team member communicates in order to facilitate the best performances from everyone. Check out our three benefits to True Colors training and see how you can get started below!

True Colors Training Will Optimize Your Onboarding Experience

One of the primary benefits of True Colors is the ease of explanation and execution. By utilizing a four-color spectrum that denotes each person’s individual communication and work style, True Colors offers a quick overview of each team member. By beginning the conversation of True Colors during the interview process, new hires will immediately know their spectrum and in turn, their place within the team. This fosters engagement with your new hires and also allows your current team members a better understanding of how to work with coworkers on their first day. This is increasingly important in 2023, as highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their employers vs. unengaged employees. As a result, internal communication tools like True Colors can significantly improve retention with your new hires by optimizing onboarding.

True Colors Training Promotes Unity Between DepartmentsRecruitment-advertising-resource-guide

Most companies have a multitude of departments, and these departments are going to have different needs depending on how they function within the company. While there are commonalities between these team members, that doesn’t mean they all communicate the same way. True Colors can provide a quick snapshot of each person’s temperament within a given department. Internally this creates a stronger unity as employees are able to identify how their coworkers work best, which leads to increased efficiency and performance in the department. It also allows team members in other departments to better understand coworkers they may not interact with regularly so that communication can be optimized between departments as well.

True Colors Training Will Improve Company Culture

If you’ve ever tried to develop company culture, you know it is something dynamic where every employee contributes in some way. With each new hire, a company culture can evolve, which makes it increasingly important to onboard new employees who are going to work well with existing team members. This is where the convenience and brevity of True Colors testing shines the most: through a quick one-sheet assessment, you can immediately identify a candidate’s True Colors spectrum and position this against the team they might be joining. This is especially effective during the interview process to better decipher a candidate’s temperament outside of traditional interviewing techniques. True Colors can shed light on who may be the best fit for a role alongside a given skill set and can help differentiate between qualified candidates so you make the right hire every time!

If you are interested in implementing True Colors testing, sign up for a True Colors workshop with Zimmer Communications today! We will meet with your team, facilitate testing, discuss True Colors in-depth, and equip you with the resources to set you up for success with True Colors all in one visit!

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