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Anyone who has ever been part of a team has had to deal with conflict. Whether it’s due to a difference in work styles or a mix of personalities, anytime multiple people are tasked with working together there will inevitably be stressors due to disagreement or differences. However, these differences don’t have to be obstacles: every team requires a variety of personalities and skill sets to thrive. It’s a matter of how we navigate our differences that impacts our performance, and if we do so effectively, we can generate the best ideas and output as a team.

One of the most effective ways of uniting your team members and maximizing communication is through personality testing. Personality testing can help add a common language and understanding that aligns with your company culture. Here at Zimmer Communications, one of the secrets to our thriving company culture has been the implementation of the True Colors personality profile.


What is True Colors?

True Colors is a form of personality testing that measures a person’s general temperament. There are four main ‘colors’ to which every person aligns: gold, green, blue, and orange. Each person has a primary color that is indicative of their personality, with the other three colors varying in intensity. By measuring an individual’s temperament, True Colors provides an accurate prediction of a person’s values and can better determine how someone will behave around others and in team environments. The simplicity of this system makes it easy for new team members to understand quickly, allowing for a brief discussion of the different colors either during the interview process or during onboarding. This makes integration a breeze once you have current team members complete their assessments.

True Colors Quick Summary

True Colors quick summary

The True Colors Difference

Whether you have a small team or a large organization, True Colors can be a key difference-maker in how your company operates. Not only does a company-wide personality profile offer guidance for new team members as they begin developing connections with their coworkers, but it can also improve the soft skills of your current team members in how they interact with anyone professionally. Whether you have unique clients, vendor relations to manage, or a particularly diverse audience of customers, keeping personality differences in mind for your team members will teach them additional empathy and interpersonal skills to improve their interactions. If you are in a business that focuses on longer-term relationships such as marketing or financial services, this can be a key difference maker in the success of your business relations.


How to Get Started with True Colors

Any personality test is only useful if it is implemented consistently. One of our favorite methods of utilizing True Colors at Zimmer Communications is through personalized nameplates. These are presented on new team members’ desks on their first day and can provide a convenient ice breaker for introductions as they get oriented with their new workplace. We also integrated True Colors into our employee directory, so that team members between offices can have a quick reference for how to best interact with coworkers they may not see every day. This makes all communication across the company more effective.

Curious about how to bring your new team members up to speed with True Colors? Testing is as easy as a one-sheet word association! As a certified True Colors facilitator, Zimmer Communications can help you implement True Colors in your company through an engaging company workshop that will give every team member a better understanding of both their coworkers and themselves. For more information on scheduling a True Colors workshop, contact us to discuss how to get started. 

True Colors Training with Zimmer Communications

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