Yes, Radio Works: Here’s Why

yes-radio-works-heres-whyWhile today’s marketing for the most part has a digital feel due to the insurgence of technology and the daily use of devices, that doesn’t mean that traditional or standard ways of getting the word out about your product have lost their potency.

Tried and true radio advertising has been around since 1922 with the airing of the first paid radio commercial.  Since then, radio has successfully been able to grow and evolve to meet consumer demands. The fact is that radio works not only to increase the lift of digital tools in omnichannel marketing strategies but also stands firm as a solidly effective stand-alone strategy as well. From its broad reach and targeted audience to its cost-effectiveness and ability to engage listeners, radio advertising will benefit your business in various advertising resource guide

Wide Reach

Radio by its nature has a large reach. Different radio stations have different signal strengths that can span everywhere from a few counties to an entire region. Each station is programmed to reach the most listeners possible within its target audience. People of all ages, income levels, and backgrounds listen to the radio at home, in their cars, at work, and on the go. For this reason, radio is a preferred go-anywhere marketing platform that delivers a broad audience. 

Targeted Audience

Even with a broad reach, another benefit of radio advertising is the fact that you can target a specific audience.  While the number of people you can reach is immense, that doesn’t mean you can’t still target a certain people group. Keep in mind that most radio stations have their own demographics and often use differing formats. The format a station chooses is selected for its ability to appeal to a specific demographic. This means you can choose a radio station that lines up with your target consumer. For example, if you are a business that sells sports equipment, you might advertise on sports radio stations, knowing you'll reach sports enthusiasts.


Radio advertising is flexible enough to accommodate any budget. Your marketing consultant will be able to guide you to the station with the right demographic fit, and craft a campaign that fits your marketing budget. For radio, it's okay to start small and grow as your business grows. You'll see different case studies that demonstrate radio's ability to be flexible yet effective. advertising-in-uncertain-times

Builds Brand Awareness

Radio advertising is an excellent way to build brand awareness. Repetition is key in advertising, and radio allows businesses to repeat this message multiple times throughout the day. Listeners who hear your ad repeatedly are more likely to remember your brand and consider it when they are in need of your product or service. Repetition is key in any sort of recall and top-of-the-mind awareness. Just think of the last time a jingle got stuck in your head for a brand, product, or service and you will understand why repetition works so well. All the big brands use it from McDonald’s to Nike and more. However, brand awareness and recall through repetition can be enjoyed by any sized company, not just the big guys in the industry.

Engages The Listener

Another reason that radio ads work is the fact that it is a personal medium that effectively engages listeners. Unlike print or TV ads that can seem impersonal, radio ads can be targeted directly to listeners, creating a more personal connection. Participation in promotions, giveaways, community events, and charity fund-raisers all encourage the active participation of a listening audience. They not only hear your ad, but they take action. 

It Reaches People Almost Anywhere

Radio advertising does not have the limitations of many other forms of advertising. Therefore, by utilizing radio advertising you can actually reach people in the middle of the day, while they are running errands, doing housework, at work, doing yard work, enjoying a weekend on the lake, and even in the shower! You can reach them at any the middle of the night, while they are getting ready for work or school, in the evenings while they are relaxing, and all times in between. Nielson's data proves this by showing that 69% of radio usage is regularly taken outside the home, either in offices or cars. Radio is a substitute companion, making it possible to reach consumers when other mediums are not. 

You Are Tapping Into a Captive Audience

For broadcast TV, you lose your audience when they get up to use the restroom during a commercial break or mute the TV to scroll through their phone instead of paying attention to your ad. However, when it comes to radio advertising, you have more of a captive audience. Listeners who are enjoying their favorite program, music, or talk shows tend to leave the station playing so that they can listen while they are doing other things. 

Radio Plays Nicely With Others

Finally, radio advertising is a valuable part of broader marketing strategies. It will increase the effectiveness of your social media, increase the lift of digital strategies by 4.5 times, enhance your magazine advertising, and generally increase audience engagement and brand awareness. It is a very appealing piece of an overall advertising puzzle, but can also stand alone on its own as well, making it a wonderful tool for businesses no matter their size.

Yes, Radio Works

Mid-Missouri-Marketing-Resource-Blog-SubscriptionWith its broad reach, targeted audience, cost-effectiveness, ability to build brand awareness, and propensity to engage listeners, radio advertising is a foundational tool in your marketing arsenal.

If you want to learn more about how to utilize radio advertising for your business, contact us at Zimmer Communications today to get started. 


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