It's No Joke: Best Examples of Humor in Advertising

its-no-joke-best-examples-of-humor-in-advertisingFunny advertising not only makes us laugh, it also draws attention and forms lasting memorable moments. Therefore, smart brands understand the benefit of using humor as part of their marketing campaigns. In addition, adding humor to an advertising campaign allows you as a business to connect emotionally with consumers. It also connects consumers to the commercial itself, usually presenting something the audience can relate to, hopefully leading to product recall and sales through memory aid. This is why humor in ads is a great way to boost your brand and evoke positive emotions in your advertising, leaving them with a lasting overall positive impression.

To look further into the matter, consider the following ads. All these utilize humor well to convey a message and connect with their audience. Consequently, they were all very memorable and effective ads for their product or company. Consider these hilarious TV commercials that have mastered the art of using humor in ads:12-ways-to-Improve-Your-Advertising-Creative

Metro Trains Melbourne: Dumb Ways to Die


This colorful animated commercial titled Dumb Ways to Die, which features an immensely catchy tune that you can download incidentally, shares examples of the dumb ways one can meet one's end. Though the subject matter seems bleak, the presentation is light-hearted and fun, memorable and quirky. As a result, the message of being careful standing near trains is conveyed in a fun way that will encourage sharing.


Allstate: Mayhem


The Mayhem ads by Allstate are some of the brand’s funniest offerings. This particular ad stars the beloved mayhem character, this time portraying an emotionally insecure teenage driver trying to text a friend while driving. The overall message is that you, as an Allstate customer, will be protected from this and other types of Mayhem, but the way the message is conveyed, using a grown man to play many roles, including that of a teenage girl, is funny and memorable.


Snickers: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry


This particular ad is also part of several offerings. The You’re Not You When You're Hungry ad features the beloved Betty White playing the part of a football player who has lost his game because he is hungry. We can all relate to that feeling of just not having enough energy or stamina to do what we want when it’s getting close to mealtime. This ad exemplifies this situation perfectly and explains why having a snicker bar is the best way to get back to being yourself.comprehensive guide to connected TV

Budweiser: Wassup


The Wassup series of ads made its triumphant appearance in the 2000 Super Bowl and quickly became a fan favorite. If you know, you know about this ad as the “wassup” phrase quickly became mainstream thanks to this humorous take on what is now considered old-school phone conversations.


John West Salmon: The Bear


This ad begins much like a National Geographic documentary but quickly turns into something humorous and unexpected when a hunter fights a bear for this freshly caught salmon. The Bear features a fictional take on what might happen in such a scenario. Realistically, of course, it doesn’t play out as expected, which is what makes it humorous.


Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ad makes fun of other ads for body wash, cologne, or body spray, which is why it is humorous. You see overexaggerated examples of a shirtless man on a horse, on a boat, getting out of the shower, and the “manly” way he portrays himself thanks to Old Spice. Of course, it is overdone on purpose to play up the ridiculousness of some of these types of ads, which in turn makes it extremely funny.10 ways to make sure your radio creative doesn't fall flat


K-Mart: I Shipped My Pants


The I Ship My Pants ad by K-Mart works by playing a bit of word innuendo. Of course, it sounds like they are saying something entirely different. The “I can ship my pants” phrase is repeated over and over throughout the ad in a way that is humorous and memorable.


Apple: Drake vs Bench Press


In this Apple ad, you see Drake get distracted by his tunes while working out, trying to gain strength and stamina with the help of a jacked-up coach. The song Drake chooses to play sends him dancing around the room before he attempts to bench press some weights. At this point, it becomes apparent that he is too distracted by his music to do it right. Apple warns this can be a side effect of their music.


Jack Link’s: Messin’ With Sasquatch


The point behind this series of ads, titled, Messin’ With Sasquatch is for you to stop messing around with other snacks and instead opt for Jack Links. The humorous part is the Sasquatch being “messed with” by regular humans. He, of course, retaliates in a wholly expected way for a half-primate/half-human-type creature, which makes the whole situation funny.


Geico: Hump Day


The overall point of this clever ad is that people who switch to Geico are extremely happy. How happy you might wonder? Well, as happy as a camel on Wednesday, because it's “Hump Day!" During this fun commercial titled Hump Day, a camel walks around a subdued office asking coworkers what day it is, knowing the answer, of course, is hump day, which the camel loves because he has humps. It’s a simple play on words and phrasing but is presented in such a way that is likable and, of course, memorable.



Bottom Line: Don’t Neglect The Power of Humor

Just as the ads did above exceptionally well, make good use of humor in your advertising to create a more memorable and effective advertisement.



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