Upgrade Your Advertising with Radio Sponsorships

Upgrade Your Advertising with Radio Sponsorships 1

Radio is a powerful tool in your advertising strategy and an effective way to move customers into your sales funnel. According to Statista U. S. Radio industry research, radio continues to be the second most powerful medium in the United States and is capable of reaching 59 percent of the population daily! As a radio advertiser, you already know that radio is a good bang for your buck. You have mastered the commercial break, and now it's time to move on to the next chapter of your radio excellence. Think outside the 30-second spot box, take it to the next level, and energize your marketing strategy with sponsorships.effectively using traditional marketing platforms in todays digital world

What is A Radio Sponsorship?

Radio sponsorships are an easy way to take your radio advertising to the next level. Sponsorships are incorporated into radio programming instead of being reserved for commercial breaks in 30-second spots like regular advertising.

Radio sponsorships are carefully built into the day's programming and help promote programs, sporting events, contests, or commercial-free music. This is a more subtle, casual, appealing way to advertise because it offers a conversational and personal approach. The radio personality will announce that the segment is sponsored by, "A, B, C."  A radio sponsorship example could sound like this, "Today's weather forecast is brought to you by our friends at Take You Anywhere Tires. They're here to get you there." Some radio sponsorships include giveaways, prizes, special awards, sweetening the pot...and your brand.

Radio sponsorships are effective for building brand awareness and increasing visibility for a company. Why? It’s all about listening habits. As an advertiser, you’re buying access to a radio station's audience. Sponsorships provide a way for your brand to stand out from the crowd and be heard. Listeners know they can tune in for news and weather and tend to pay attention differently. The same with programs and events. Broadcasters know how to design special programming to leverage listener engagement - whether it’s an ongoing part of the format or an individual event. As an advertiser, you want listeners to hear your message. Sponsorships can work double-time for you. 

Examples of sponsorships vary by station but can include everything from local community events, concerts, and fund-raisers to sports (local, regional, and national), trade shows, and fun on-air contests. Sponsoring these events provides you access to a whole new audience, and allows your brand to take advantage of audience excitement and the allure of winning. It creates goodwill and aligns your brand - not just with the subject of the sponsorship itself, but connects you with a base of loyal listeners. They build trust and make your brand likable and memorable. 

Here are examples of 5 different types of radio sponsorships and how they can turn up the volume on your marketing ROI. Boost your marketing ROI

1. News Sponsorships

Listeners are everywhere and appreciate what's happening in the news. Sponsoring a news broadcast demonstrates that you are current, relevant, and interested in your community.

2. Weather Sponsorships

Listeners need and want regular weather forecasts to plan their activities. Weather sponsorships can show your brand's personality and incorporate your sense of humor and creativity.

3. Sports Sponsorships

Listeners tune in for local high school, college, and even professional sports. Sponsoring all or a segment of a sporting event demonstrates to the listener you are a sports enthusiast, humanizing your brand.

4. Radio Programming Sponsorships

People like to do business with brands they know, like, and trust. Listeners who tune into frequent broadcasts, Top 40 music countdowns, and other scheduled programming appreciate organizations that sponsor their favorite shows. This builds trust and loyalty and a common ground for your brand.

5. Event Sponsorships

Listeners will appreciate your brand for sponsoring community events like job fairs, nonprofit fundraising events, and other community-minded events. They will remember you for supporting and giving back to your community.

Look for opportunities to beef up your ongoing marketing strategy by tapping into radio sponsorships and turning up the volume on strengthening your brand.set up a complimentary consultation with Zimmer Communications

Originally posted 6/2/21 - Updated 3/24/23

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