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The Top 10 Reasons To Sponsor The Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon

Is Your Marketing Strategy Taking Your Branding Into Account?

Deep Dive: The Potential A Business Website Offers

Business Owner Tips: Clearing Your Cache

Stop Posting and Praying: Become A Social Media Marketing Master!

Budgeting 101: How Much Should I Really Be Spending on My Marketing?

Wishing You A Happy New Year!

7 Lessons We Learned in 2017

How to Maintain Brand Consistency Across Media Campaigns

9 Ways Magazine and Radio Compliment Each Other and Boost Your ROI

The ONE Marketing Investment To Consider Before Placing Ads

A Christmas Poem: Twas The Night

Don’t Be A Scrooge To Your Customers

Our Top Blogs of 2017

The Top List of Questions to Ask About Your 2018 Media Plan

How To Lose A Customer In 10 Days

7 Ways To Ensure You Are Utilizing Your Website To Its Full Potential

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Always Work From an Annual Marketing Plan

Employee Recruitment: Why Radio Recruitment Works In 4th Quarter

5 Ways an Annual Marketing and Advertising Plan Will Drive Your ROI

The Biggest Waste of Advertising Dollars: NOT Having A Website

Why We're Thankful This Year

7 Places You Need To Be Using A Professionally-Designed Logo

6 Simple Social Media Posts You Should Be Publishing on Your Brand Pages

INFOGRAPHIC: How Radio Advertising Drives Car Sales

Our Top Ten Tips for Small Business Saturday

Top Challenges Healthcare Companies are Facing to Acquire New Patients, and How to Overcome Them

The Top 5 Things to Think About When Marketing Your Medical Practice

The ONE THING You Need Before You Develop a Website

Why You Should Always Be Renewing

The Holiday Shopping Season: When to Participate (and When Not to)

Don't Become A Dying Business

No Annual Marketing Plan? 5 Reasons You Need To Start 2018 With One

Reminders for Black Friday Marketing - The Dos and Dont’s for Retail

You Just Attended The BrandsFormation™ Seminar. Now What?

The Top Ten 2018 Marketing Trends To Look Out For

Are You Doing Everything Now That You Should Be to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays?

Name That Brand!

5 Ways to Know if Your Website is Losing You Business

The Ad Tax Is A Bad Tax For Small Businesses

Do Your Advertisements Pass “The Best Friend Test?”

How To Set SMART Goals For Next Year

How Bad (or No) Branding Can Hurt Your Business

How To Keep Your Branding Consistent Across Social Media Accounts

20 Stats That Will Remind You of the Importance of Your Branding

Buy Now, Save Later: How Annual Marketing Plans Can Save You Money

Checklist for a Great Logo

4 Ways to Step Up Your Radio Creative

The 4 Questions You Must Answer Before Building Your 2018 Marketing Plan

How To Take Advantage of the Returning College Crowds and MU Football Season

But Really, How Important is Branding for Small Businesses?

What Does September Have to Do With Next Year's Marketing? EVERYTHING!

6 Shifts in Mid-Missouri Consumer Behavior That Happen in the Fall

“Winter Is Coming:” The Top 4 Ways to Market Your Business During The Holiday Season

Confessions for Utilizing Sports in Your Marketing: 4 Plays Gone Bad

Why Some Radio Spots Make You Pause and Some Make You Change the Station

A Tribute To You This Labor Day!

Your Questions Answered: What Exactly is Digital Marketing & How Do I Know What I Need for My Business?

Illustrating The Effectiveness of Integrated Marketing

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: True Son Exteriors

INFOGRAPHIC: Radio vs. TV Take The Ring

The 3 Pillars of Consistency in Your Business

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Callaway Chrysler

How to Track and Determine the Lifetime Value of a Customer (And Why It Matters)

20 Digital Marketing Terms Defined

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Tami R. Benus, CPA

What Your Business Can Expect When You Work With Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group (And How We’re Different From The Others!)

INFOGRAPHIC: Can Traditional Radio Keep Up With Pandora & Spotify?

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: South Central Regional Stockyards

How to Know When Your Lack of Marketing ROI is Because of Your Sales Team (and Not Your Ads)

6 Ways to Use Magazine and Radio Ads Together to Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Naught-Naught Agency

How to Use Radio to Promote Your New Business

Your Top 4 Marketing Questions Answered

How Your Business Can Avoid “The Blockbuster Syndrome”

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Melody's Quality Jewelry

Why Your Business Should Have a Referral Program

Why Cutting Your Advertising Budget When Times are Tough is Bad Idea

Are You Educating Your Customers or Is Someone Else? Why Your Business Should Blog

6 Times An Action Campaign Is Just What You Need

Knowing When You Should, or Shouldn't, Change Radio Stations

3 Types of Digital Advertising That Pair Well with Radio

When Generating Marketing Leads, Are You Asking the Right Questions in Forms?

Why Event Marketing Works When Trying to Drive New Business

How to Craft an Action Campaign That Captures Attention

How Your Business Can Score by Sponsoring High School Sports

A Pretty Big Apple Deal: Zimmer Nominated for Four Radio Mercury Awards

Tiger Tailgate Success Story: Mid America Harley-Davidson

How Audio Can Win the Battle of the Mind

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Koonse Glass

6 Ideas for Sizzling Summer Marketing Success

Tiger Tailgate Success Story: Southern Glazers

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Accounting Plus, Inc.

The Top Ten Reasons to Sponsor Tiger Tailgate

5 Tips for Developing Radio Ad Creative That is Truly Visual

Tiger Tailgate Success Story: Burgers' Smokehouse

Football & Your Business: 5 Things They Have in Common

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Southwest Animal Hospital

How to Determine If You Should Use An Action Campaign for Your Marketing Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Questions to Answer that Will Help You Determine if You Are Wasting Your Dollars on Advertising That Doesn't Work

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Como Smoke and Fire

So, Your Business Has “Gone Digital.” We Can Help With That!

How Today's Millennials REALLY View Social Media

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Ultimate Steel

Spring and Summer Media Consumption Changes That Should Impact Your Marketing Decisions

4 BIG Reasons You Should Not be Spending All Your Marketing Dollars on Digital

The Game is Bond: How To Connect While Branding

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Robinson's Cleaners

Event Sponsorship Success Stories: The 2017 CoMo Man Show

How to Turn Your Marketing Leads into Customers: 5 Things You Might Not Be Doing

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Mid America Mortgage Services, Inc.

How to Use Event Sponsorships to Effectively Capture and Convert New Business Leads

Social Media Marketing 101: How to Authentically Engage Your Audience

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Brockmeier Financial Services

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Advertising Medium

Why Radio Jingles Work, and 3 Questions to Determine if It's Right for Your Business

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: US Rents It

The Reason We Ask So Many Questions Before Creating a Proposal For You

15 Marketing Benefits to an Event Booth Sponsorship

Why a Jingle Could Be Your Best Secret Weapon

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Graf & Sons

Do Your Advertisements Sound Like Fake News?

The 3 Numbers Every Business Owner MUST Know

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Mid-Missouri Radio: SLIDESHARE

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Dryer's Shoe Store

10 Goals of an Awareness Campaign

ICYMI: Recapping The 2017 BrandsFormation™ Seminar with Chuck Mefford

10 Goals of an Action Campaign

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: ServiceMaster of Columbia

If You Build It, They Will Come, Part 2: Pick Your Bricks!

If You Build It, They Will Come, Part 1: Mortar Brings Order

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Big O Tires

INFOGRAPHIC: It's National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day!

How to Ensure Your Ad Creative Isn't Ruining Your ROI

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Focus on Health Chiropractic

5 Reasons Your Event Sponsorships Haven't Gotten You Results

Confessions of a Millennial: Digital Radio Backfired on Me

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Classic Travel & Tours

The BrandsFormation™ System: Part 4 – Dominant Frequency

Turning Print Ads into Radio Ads: 3 Tips for Brand Consistency

Home Owners Are Starting to Think About Spring, Are You?

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Witt Print Shop

The BrandsFormation™ System: Part 3 – Consistency

How Women's Health Clinics Can Increase Referrals and New Client Business

Do's and Don'ts of Secret Shopping Your Own Business

The Story Behind the Radio Advertisements: Aire Serv

The BrandsFormation™ System: Part 2 – Strategy-Based Message

Stop Losing the Sale by Changing These Three Things in Your Business

The BrandsFormation™ System: Part 1 - Strategy

How to Incorporate Action and Awareness Campaigns Into Your 2017 Marketing Plan

Is Your Business Promoting To Its Target Market?

Turn Your Customers Into Avid Fans

3 Questions To Ask Your Media Partner Before Signing a Contract

How to Boost Your Magazine Advertising Results with Radio

Project Management Tips (That REALLY Work) for Busy Business Owners

What You Need To Know About The Cardinals This Year (And How This Can Help Your Brand)

The Biggest Key to Marketing Success? Examine Your Marketing Bridge!

The Price for Beauty: Understanding the Elective Surgery and Procedure Customer and How to Reach Them

INFOGRAPHIC: Does Your Goldfish Speech Effectively Tell People Why You're Valuable?

Marketing Strategies for OB/GYN Practices

Tips and Tools for Marketing Directors Reporting Back on Marketing Campaigns

How to Take Your Chiropractor Event Marketing to the Next Level

VIDEO: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at a Brainstorm Session

Beat the Marketing ROI Puzzle by Doing This ONE Thing First

First Time Radio Advertisers: 11 Tips That Will Save You Money and Time

Understanding the Buyers Journey for Eye Patients

7 Ways Your Law Firm Can Improve Client Database Communication

Why The Biggest Brands Never Stop Advertising: And Other Important Lessons Around Frequency and Consistency

The 3 Types of Customers Every Dentist Needs to be Marketing to

5 More Marketing Tactics Your Radio Station Can Provide, Besides Radio

10 More Radio Endorsement Do's and Don'ts

How to Ruin Your Business With Bad Marketing

New Year, New You: What Every Automotive Dealer Needs to Stop and Start Doing in 2017

5 Reasons Switching Radio Stations Might Be a Bad Idea

How to Make Your New Website Announcement

The Moving Market: Who You're Reaching in the Columbia, Missouri Market Year-Over-Year

10 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Isn't Making an Impact

A Fine Line: How to Develop Effective, Memorable Ads for Your Law Firm and Still Follow the Rules

How to Personalize Your Facebook Feed by Updating Your Interests

Step 4 to Developing Killer Advertising Creative Ideas: Select the Idea

Leaders: Do Your Employees Feel Valued?

5 Reasons Your Customers Aren't Buying

Step 3 to Developing Killer Advertising Creative Ideas: Brainstorm Ideas and Get Creative!

How Do I Know If I'm Spending My Marketing Dollars in the Right Places?

What You Should Know Before Choosing a Web Design Company

Step 2 to Developing Killer Advertising Creative Ideas: Determine Your Unique Position

Why Creative Matters and How You're Missing the Mark {Free eBook Download}

What You Need to Know to Make Smart Radio Advertising Decisions

Everything You Can Still Do to Prepare for Black Friday and Holiday Sales

Step 1 to Developing Killer Advertising Creative Ideas: Outline Parameters, Needs and Goals

5 Marketing Musts for 2017

How Much Time Do I Really Need to Dedicate to My Marketing?

12 Tools to Help You Make Easy and Awesome Images for Your Social Media Posts

How to Make Your Radio Ads Memorable and Effective

Why First Impressions Matter: Website Do's and Dont's for Every Type of Business

Why Does McDonald’s Continue to Advertise?

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Advertising on the Radio

Why Branding Matters: 4 Parts of Your Brand Creative That Need Your Attention Now

The Evolving College Student: Who They Are and What They Spend Money On

How to Become the Trusted Advisor in the Legal Field

The Ad Copy Creative Process: Where to Begin

6 Things You MUST Know When Advertising on the Radio

Flexing Your Advertising Muscles

Don't Be Scared of Having a Little Fun with Holiday Marketing

5 Things You Should be Doing Now to Prepare for Your 2017 Marketing

Tips to creating a holiday marketing plan on a budget

The Evolution of Country Music- A Deep Dive into Who You’re Really Reaching on Country Music Radio

Why Radio and Digital Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Your Prospective Law Clients Want to Hear Stories

Need Help With Recruiting Top Talent for Your Business? How Radio Can Help

After the Campaign: What Happens to Your Brand Awareness When You Stop Advertising

Don't Stop Believing: 4 Examples of How Classic Rock Fans are Still a Coveted Demographic Group

How to Stop Wasting Your Money on Unprofessional Creative and Start Getting Results with Impactful Radio

Make Your Marketing Great Again

The Social Effect: 10 Tips for Better Social Posts on Your Brand Pages

What Questions Should You Be Asking Yourself Now for Marketing ROI Later?

Why You Should Keep Your Company’s Facebook Profile Picture Consistent

7 Types of Facebook Posts That You Can Easily Create to Increase Engagement

6 Radio Advertising Myths That Need to Be Forgotten by the Legal Industry

5 Reasons Your Marketing Will Suffer Without Radio in 2017

Simple and Effective Ways to Better Track Your Marketing ROI

The Definition of Insanity: How to Know When to Pull the Plug on Your Marketing and Try Something New

Is Your Business Competing At A Gold Medal Level?

Fresh Ideas for Event Sponsorship Booth Activation

5 Steps to Developing a Radio, Digital, and Social Strategy That Works FOR Your Law Firm

Your Top Radio Advertising ROI Questions Answered by Real People Doing Real Advertising

How to Elevate Your Event Sponsorships with Radio Advertising

The Do's and Don'ts of Promotional Items for Event Marketing

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Zimmer Radio Sales Rep

How to Create a Marketing Plan That is as Good as Your Legal Advice

Digital Promotions, Part 5: Ditching Direct Mail for Digital

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, and Other Reasons Why Social Media Shouldn't Be Your Primary Marketing Strategy

Meet and Greet Mid-Missouri Business Leaders: Lynlee Renick

How to Market Outside the Legal Industry Box, and Beat Your Competition

Digital Promotions, Part 4: What’s Your Type?

The Best Ways to Find People Who NEED Your Legal Advice

10 Reasons To Redesign Your Website Right Now

Summer Radio Listeners: Why Every Daypart Matters

Simple, and Effective, Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing

How Radio Personalities Continue to Attract Listeners and Longer Listening

Digital Promotions, Part 3: The Prize Is Right

What Is Integrated Marketing? And What Role Does Social Media Need to Play for My Small Business?

The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Methodology to Tracking Your Marketing ROI

Digital Promotions, Part 2: Survey Says...

How to Effectively Integrate Your Advertising with Your Social Media Marketing

Why All Marketing is Integrated Marketing, and Your Tracking Should Be Too!

Digital Promotions, Part 1: Why Every Business Can Benefit From a Digital Promotion

Meet and Greet Mid-Missouri Business Leaders: Braden Posey

Cut Through the BS: How to Know If Your Radio Advertising Is REALLY Working

Meet and Greet Mid-Missouri Business Leaders: Steve's Pest Control

8 Ways to Screw Up Your Event Marketing Sponsorship (and How to Prevent Them)

8 Reasons Your Facebook Business Page Can't Replace a Website

5 Myths About Working in Radio Advertising Sales

Meet and Greet Mid-Missouri Business Leaders: Thumper Entertainment

Why Events Should Be Part of Every Marketing Strategy

Word-of-Mouth vs. Radio: Do You Know the Difference?

4 Easy Steps to Develop a Data-Driven ROI Tracking System for Your Small Business

What Makes an On-Air Radio Giveaway Successful

Patience Is a Virtue: Why One Month On-Air Could Be a Waste of Your Money

Tips for Tracking Your Different, But Simultaneous, Marketing Campaigns

The Power of Mentors: Why We Believe in Professional Development at Zimmer and You Should Too!

7 Top Tips from Established Mid-Missouri Businesses

School's Out, Now What? 5 Ways to Market Your College Town Business During the Summer

Are You Effectively Marketing Your Law Firm? 10 Questions You Need to Answer

Why You Shouldn't Copy Your Competitor's Creative

5 Ways to Determine if Your Marketing Needs a Stronger Call to Action

Are You Being Paid Enough? Why You Don't Have to Sacrifice Salary and Benefits for Company Culture

How Your Healthcare Clinic Can Attract New Patients With Radio

25 Stats Every Business Leader Needs to Read

10 Radio Advertising Tips for the Automotive Industry

Why Work/Life Balance ISN'T Merely a Trend

5 Consumer Behaviors and Trends Every Car Dealer Needs to Know About

An Ode to the Ear

Video Is the Biggest Trend for 2016: Here's Where You Can Start Now

Will Anyone Actually Remember My Phone Number in My Ad?

How Attorneys Can Increase Impact by Pairing Other Media with Radio

Why Make Your Business Website Easy to Use and 5 Ways to Do It

Why Digital Promotions Work for the Healthcare Industry

How Your Home Improvement Company Can Tap Into Spring Cleaning

5 Easy Ways to Manage Your Email Database

Is Your Auto Dealership Really WOWing Customers?

When You Should be Taking Risks with Your Marketing Creative

Your Marketing Plan's Secret Weapon: Consistency

10 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Website

3 Ways to Tell If Your Ads Are Actually Part of a Marketing Campaign

Do You Know Your Business' Differentiating Factor?

How to Create a Marketing Bridge for Your Auto Business That Matters

Goldfish and Elevator Speeches: Why They Matter and How to Create One

The BEST Radio Advertising Times Each Month for Your Auto Dealership

Why We Support the Children's Miracle Network Every Year

4 Examples of How Working With Zimmer Outweighs Hiring an Ad Agency

How to Choose the Right Charities for Your Business to Support

How Your Marketing Can Help Convert Service Customers into Car Buyers

What Is a Brand Marketing Workshop (and Why Every Business Needs One)

Responsive Websites 101: Everything You Need to Know

Community Leader Feature: Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group

Position Yourself as a Community Leader (and Grow Your Business!)

Community Leader Feature: Jefferson Bank

5 Ways Cause Marketing and Community Involvement Boosts Your Branding

8 Team Building Exercises to Boost Employee Morale

How the Right Offer Will Turn Your Advertising from Blah to Bam!

Community Leader Feature: ServiceMaster of Columbia

Brand Awareness, Sports Marketing, and How They Impact Your Business

Find Creative Financing for Your Advertising with ShopMidMo.com

6 Steps to a Smooth Business Rebrand: From Website to Logo to Marketing

Free Webinar: The Top 3 Ways You Might Be Screwing Up Your Advertising

Understanding Coupon Shoppers: Are They Really Your Ideal Customers?

7 Things We Can Learn About Marketing from the St. Louis Cardinals

How to Calculate What a Lead Is Worth and How It Impacts ROI

Beat Your Competitors in 6 Easy Steps Just by Understanding Them

Boosting Your Social Media Presence with Radio Campaigns and Vise Versa

5 Things Every Columbia Business Should Know About Local Marketing

The Marketing Truth: Facts and Myths About Brand Awareness

New eBook: Action or Awareness, Which is Right for You?

8 Reasons Associating Your Brand with the Cardinals Can Impact Your ROI

7 Must-Know Tips for Your First Radio Marketing Campaign

B2B Marketing Trends Impacting Your Mid-Missouri Business in 2016

Are You Practicing These 3 Modern Advertising Best Practices?

Sports Marketing: How Brand Association Can Impact Your Business

Myths and Facts About Radio and Younger Demographics

5 Tips for Avoiding Sale and Promotion Burnout

Why Hiring for Attitude (Over Skill) Can Often Make All the Difference

Learn How to Captivate with Our Newest eBook: 10 Ways to Make Sure Your Radio Ad Creative Doesn't Fall Flat!

How Using Radio for B2B Networking Is More Effective than You Think

Is Your Front Desk Ruining Your Business? 5 Remedies to Help Today!

8 Ways Working with Experts Can Impact Your Marketing ROI

Mid-Missouri Consumers: An Overview for Business Owners and Marketers

12 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Response vs. Results

You're Not a Low Cost Provider, Why Should Your Marketing Be?

Why Being Charitable Is Good for Business and How to Do It Authentically

Do You Know How Long Your Buying Funnel Is?

11 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Great Production, Poor Copy

Are You Treating Your Marketing Budget Like an Expense or Investment?

10 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Event Driven Marketing

New Year, New Plan: How to Save Money and Grow Your Business in 2016

Use These 2015 Holiday Shopping Trends to Market Your Business Better

9 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Overconfidence in Qualitative Targeting

How to Avoid Marketing ROI Pitfalls (Hint: It Starts with Execution!)

8 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Late Week Schedules

Misconceptions About B2B Marketing with Mass Media

7 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Obedience to Unwritten Rules

Doing Away With “Mention This Ad”: The Alternatives to Tracking ROI

Insider's Tips on Using Radio Advertising for the First Time

6 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Creating Ads Instead of Campaigns

Marketing Creative Gone Bad: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

5 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Improper Use of Passive Media

How a Brand Marketing Workshop Can Change Your Business and Your Life!

8 Interview Questions Business Owners and Managers Should Be Asking

20 Business / Marketing Books Every Business Owner Should Read

4 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Unsubstantiated Claims

Where Marketing Creative Goes Wrong

The Truth Behind Branding: Do You REALLY Need It?

3 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Business Owner Knows Best

5 Ways You Can Start Building Trust With Your Customers Today

5 Tips on Effectively Using Social Media for Your Small Business

2 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: Big Reach Small Budget

Is Your Customer Experience Consistent? (And Why That Matters)

How to Be a Better Leader, Not Just a Manager

Talking To Customers Through Your Company Newsletter

1 of 12 Causes of Advertising Failure: The Desire for Instant Gratification

Marketing Your Business Is Scary, So Is Getting A Dog

Building Revenue: What You Really Mean When You Say "Brand Awareness"

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Radio Endorsements

Company Culture: Preventing Turnover From Within

The Perfect Pair: 5 Ways Social Media and Radio Can Work Together

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