What Were The Top 10 Zimmer Communications Blogs in 2021?

shutterstock_1375900406Each year, our team looks forward to sharing the most relevant, helpful, and fun content with our mid-Missouri audience and beyond. So, upon taking some time to reflect, we've found our top 10 most popular, most read blogs of 2021. Here are the finalists!

10. 5 More Marketing Tactics Your Radio Station Can Provide, Besides Radio

Many small and medium-sized businesses are exploring radio station marketing opportunities outside of traditional on-air ads. Businesses are then able to streamline their integrated marketing strategy and be more cost-effective with their marketing spend by taking advantage of bundled packages offered by stations. So with this, we expounded on a few ways you can extend your radio advertising strategy beyond radio ads when marketing with your radio station.

9. 5 Tips to Effectively Use Radio for Recruitment Advertising

Effectively leveraging radio for your recruitment campaign relies on execution. After all, an ad that doesn’t resonate or never gets heard isn’t going to attract top talent or convince them to consider your company! That's why we decided to list out five tips to most effectively use radio for your recruitment advertising. 

8. How to Calculate What a Lead is Worth and How It Impacts ROI

As a business owner or leader, you may not be sure how to calculate what a sale's lead is worth or how lead value affects marketing ROI in a meaningful way. In this blog, we discussed how calculating lead value will help you better determine your marketing budget and improve your ROI.

7. 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

In order to stand out among the crowd in the social media world, concentrated effort is required. The time required to manage, maintain, and execute a productive and effective social media strategy demands the vigilant effort of a full-time social media manager. To help emphasize the importance of this, we outlined the top six reasons why your business should consider enlisting the help of a social media manager.

6. Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from McDonald's

This fast-food giant maintains its immense reputation for stellar recognition and brand awareness through consistent branding, advertising and being willing to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. Here, we listed out some marketing lessons we call learn from McDonalds.

5. 5 Shocking Magazine Statistics

Current evidence and trends tell us that print magazines aren’t just surviving, but thriving.  We've kept a close eye on readership, and discovered some statistics that might shock you. 

4. The Perfect Pair: 5 Ways Social Media and Radio Can Work Together

By pairing two or more marketing platforms together like social media and radio, you’ll be able to extend your reach and increase your overall return on investment (ROI) with a cohesive, effective strategy that engages your current and potential customers.

3. 6 Business Benefits of Being on Instagram

In this blog, we focused on an incredibly popular and powerful platform where many businesses are enjoying numerous benefits. We've listed out some of the top professional benefits to being on Instagram, so your business can decide for itself if it is truly ready for “The Gram."

2. 10 Goals of an Awareness Campaign

An awareness campaign is intended to reach wide audiences in order to make your brand memorable and spread a message. However, that doesn’t necessarily directly tie to your bottom line through sales. But this doesn't diminish an awareness campaign's unique, important purpose. In this blog, we focused on the ten goals best accomplished utilizing an awareness campaign strategy.

1. The Top 6 Factors That Influence Buying Decisions

Customers feel the desire to take multiple things into account because obviously, they want to purchase something that makes the most sense for them. That’s why business owners and marketers must seek to get inside the minds of consumers. In this blog, we outlined six key factors that ultimately influence all consumer buying decisions.

So, there you have it...Our top 10 blogs of 2021! We hope that you enjoyed these blogs as much as we enjoyed putting them together. It is always our team's goal to provide you with the most helpful information that, we hope, will help you and your business reach its goals and objectives. This being said, if you have not already done so, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog, free of cost, in order to receive quality information straight to your inbox, when it publishes. And from our team to yours, happy new year! 


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