17 Ways to Use Your Radio and Magazine Ads Beyond the Obvious

17 Ways to Use Your Radio and Magazine Ads Beyond the Obvious

Congratulations! You’ve made an investment in your company with radio and magazine advertising. You just approved your new ad campaign, and the creative is fantastic! Maybe you’ve never considered it, but there are out-of-the-box ways to use the radio and magazine ads in other areas of your marketing strategy. Here are 17 ideas to get you started.

Most people never even consider that there could be other ways to use your radio ad and your magazine ad beyond the obvious. This list represents steps we’ve recommended for our clients as a way to get the most out of their investment. Great creative is the foundation for a successful campaign. When it’s good, why wouldn’t you use it in other places?! It builds consistency and frequency into your campaign, reinforcing a message across multiple channels in the mind of consumers. 

Review this list of ideas, and simply pick out the ones that are a fit for your business. If you have other ideas, let us know! 

10 Great Uses for Awesome Magazine Ads:

  • Create a point-of-sale flyer to hand out at the register, events, trade shows, etc.
  • Get a .jpg of the ad and post it on Instagram.
  • Upload it to your website with a link to download. This is great especially if there is an offer included. 10-Keys-Creating-Effective-Magazine-Ads
  • Use elements from it, like the header or feature image,  as the basis for designing a web banner or popup call-to-action on your website.
  • Turn it into a digital ad with a link to your
  • Turn it into a Facebook ad.
  • Create a short video talking about the product or service featured in the ad, and use the ad itself as a thumbnail or closing graphic that links to your website.
  • Send out an e-blast to past customers and prospects with either the ad attached as a flyer or a link to the flyer on your website. 
  • Create a landing page using elements in the ad on your website with a form for people to fill out for more information. You can add these contacts to your database. 
  • Especially if it’s an employee profile or an advertorial, frame a copy of the ad and display it prominently in your office.

7 Great Uses for Outstanding Radio Ads :

  • Use the audio for your phone system’s on-hold recording.12-ways-to-improve-your-advertising-creative
  • Add background images or photos in Canva or iMovie and make a short video to post on social media. Then upload it to Facebook, Instagram Reels, or LinkedIn. 
  • Add the audio to play on your website homepage.
  • Embed the audio into a blog post that talks about the featured products or services. 
  • Include it in an e-blast that contains a personalized video to your customers and/or prospects recorded in Vidyard.
  • Add video and use it in an OTT Campaign.
  • Make sure the radio station your ads are running on is playing at your office/place of business.

This is just a short list of ideas. We’re sure there’s more! If you have something you’ve done that was a successful way of using your radio or magazine creative, let us know in the comments!  

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