The BrandsFormation™ System: Part 4 – Dominant Frequency


“If you can’t be a dominant player in a particular medium – Get out!”

-Chuck Mefford

Chuck Mefford’s seemingly severe words indicate the importance of the fourth and final step of The BrandsFormation™ System: Dominant Frequency. After putting in the time and effort necessary to develop your business’ strategy, carefully crafting this strategy into an effective strategy-based message, and committing to consistently blast this message to the public, it would be a shame to do anything less than dominate your marketing medium with your business’ message.

As mentioned in our previous blogs on The BrandsFormation™ System, your business’ primary goal in any marketing campaign should be to “own mental real estate.” When a consumer thinks of your industry, would your business’ name enter their mind (either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) as a viable option? Achieving such a status in the community is directly related to your business’ commitment to dominate its single, advertising medium (or cup).

Fill Up Your Cup!

In order to fully recognize the importance of dominant frequency in your business’ marketing, it is crucial to understand the principle of filling up a single cup. A cup is a metaphorical representation of an advertising medium. For instance, one station on the radio would equal one cup. If your business wants to experience the full benefits of The BrandsFormation™ System, it is best to choose one cup, fill that cup up with your business’ message, then measure the ROI. Only when this first advertising medium has successfully proven its worth should your business add another medium (or cup) to its marketing strategy.

Some businesses feel the urge to spread their marketing budget all around. They think, “We’ll spend a little here, about 70% there, and then, for good measure, just a small amount over there as well.” However, the “a little here and a little there” method simply does not work effectively in the marketplace. Why?

Because “it’s better to dominate a single cup, where you can pound away with your message against the same group of people and thoroughly capture mindshare, than to spread yourself over 7 or 8 cups and have no dominance to show for it” (“BrandsFormation™,” 68).

When it comes to your business’ advertising strategy, do not be tempted to “spray” a little of your message across multiple marketing mediums, then pray that it is effective. Pick one cup and dare to dominate! Even a business with a limited marketing budget still has the ability to dominate one cup.

Understand Your Buying Funnel

A buying funnel represents the buying cycle a consumer goes through before making a purchase. Potential customers go through six unique stages before deciding to buy from a business. In the first two stages of the buying funnel, consumers are unaware of their need for a particular product or service; however, it is still vital to advertise to these people during these initial stages. This way, when the need does arise, consumers will already know of a certain business who can help them. The only way to be present in the minds of consumers who have not realized that they need your services just yet is by committing to practice dominant frequency in your business’ marketing efforts.

You Don’t Have to be a Marketing Expert!

While the thought of stepping out and marketing your business can seem intimidating at first, it is important to remember that The BrandsFormation™ System works for first-timers and marketing experts alike. Business owners are, in no way, required to be all-knowing advertising gurus in order to see their companies succeed. All that is needed is commitment. Businesses must commit to developing their marketing strategy, crafting this strategy into their unique strategy-based message, then consistently blasting this message across their marketing medium which they have decided to dominate. Committing to execute The System by consistently sharing your business’ stand-out story will cause consumers to want to be a part of the story themselves. Determine to dominate your market with your business’ message today!

Reserve Your Spot!

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