The Two-Person Conversation Ad Format: Alternatives to a Radio Classic


What comes to mind when you think of the word “classic”? It could mean different things to different people but is usually associated with a feeling of timelessness and nostalgia. Or simply, things that make the world great. A hot off-the-griddle cheeseburger and fries, a black and white film, a Mustang convertible rolling down the highway on a clear day. 


There are many “classics” in the world of advertising as well. Many would consider radio itself a classic form of media and advertising, and our team would be the first to speak on its effectiveness and resilience through the decades, to today. But just because something is classic, doesn’t mean it can’t evolve and improve over time.

You have probably heard similar styles of radio ads over the years, in different forms. While there are ad formats that have proven to connect with audiences over the years when it comes to creative radio advertising, it is important to not let your business’s ads get stale and repetitive, causing listeners to tune out. 

The Classic “Two People Having a Conversation” Radio Ad

A classic creative radio ad format that we have likely all heard multiple times before is the “two people having a conversation ad”. The idea here is that you are listening in on two people having a conversation and the idea is to narrow in the focus of the conversation to the intended advertiser towards the end.

For example, person A has a problem. Person B suggests a solution for that problem, and the solution is the products or services the advertiser/business is providing. At least, this is usually the way these conversations go down. To be frank, these ads can be boring and predictable. But there are times when they can work. There are more creative ways you can go about reworking these kinds of ads to make them more captivating. First, take a look at what people have tried, and succeeded with in the past…

Here’s an Example…

A great example of being creative with your two-person ad format would be Sonic. If you’ve seen these ads, you will know that they are nothing complicated, just two guys in a car, talking while at Sonic. The key here though is their humor and their delivery. Audiences have strong B.S. detectors, and these two passed the test by bringing authenticity to every ad. 

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Authenticity is Key

So, as we mentioned, authenticity is key when it comes to voicing your radio ads. If you are really wanting to go the route of a two-person conversation ad format, it needs to be delivered well. But let’s be honest, the average person, or business owner, is not an award-winning actor or voice actor. And that’s okay! But that is why you might want to rethink your strategy.

Think About Alternative Ideas

The goal of your advertisements is to connect with listeners to a point where they will want to keep listening. And this can be done in a variety of ways. But as we mentioned, humor is a great way to do this. The conversation in your ad could be so over-the-top, so funny, that people can't help being intrigued. There are also some different ad formats to consider instead of a conversation format…


Another easy alternative would be simply writing a testimonial ad. You could have someone, a customer, come in and talk about their experience with your business. You can do this not only with radio, but with print ads, digital billboards, and social media. Let your consumers do the talking! This is a great way to build credibility and connect with audiences in a more organic way.

Be The One to Tell Your Story

You may simply want to garner more awareness for your business and your brand’s message in your local area. You know your story best, why would you have someone else tell it? By partnering with a talented group of marketing professionals, they can work alongside you to develop creative ads that tell your story, and let you be a part of it. Who knows, your voice could become the audio signature of all of your ads!

Let Your Employees Do the Talking

Who spends the most time day to day in and with your business? Your employees of course! So another alternative format to the two-person conversation could also be to let your employees speak on behalf of your businesses. Let them express what makes your business unique and great, and what they want to communicate to their customers.

All this to say, some classics could use a little pick me up in order to stay relevant. Don’t let your ads get buried or ignored because they sound too similar to what has already been done time and time again. By partnering with our team of creative professionals, we work alongside you, lending our years of experience to make sure that your ads stand out and get you the results you need. Contact us today to get started!


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