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3 of the World’s Most Effective Ad Campaigns and Why they Worked

Posted by Josh Ryan Smith on June 25, 2020 at 1:50 PM


Advertising is a key part of business, but unless your messages are effective, you’re spinning your wheels. For an ad campaign to truly connect with your customers, you must create messages that are both memorable and powerful. You must also clearly communicate how you help make the consumer’s life better.

To better illustrate our point, here are three of the most powerful, effective advertising campaigns ever created:

Red Bull’s “Gives You Wings” Campaign

Both the TV and radio spots in this campaign focused on how the product makes users concentrate better, be more alert and awake, helps them do their jobs better (truck drivers and office workers), study better (students), have the energy to party longer, and generally feel their best.  

Want to feel more equipped to take on the world? Drink Red Bull. It gives you wings. It’s a powerful angle that most audiences can relate to.

Nike’s“Find Your Greatness” Campaign

This campaign touches all of us because it’s a powerful, positive message.  It says we don’t need to be technically amazing, as long as we try and do our own personal best.  The message inspires everyone.  It follows Nike’s  previous message of Just Do It!: also broadly meaningful because it says “action is better than no action” and because it pushes people to take a risk, and do something they’ve always wanted to. 

The implication is that Nike products are there to back us up and help you accomplish our personal goals.

The Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” Campaign

Launched in 2006, this is one the most memorable ad campaigns of the past 15 years. Every time you took a trip to buy beer, you couldn’t help but think about the Cuban cigar-smoking, Dos Equis-drinking “Most Interesting Man in the World’.

And even though Dos Equis has since moved on from that actor, he will forever be remembered through memes and in liquor stores due to the short and sweet tagline, “Stay thirsty, my friends”.

You don’t have to be a giant company to market yourself well, but you DO have to make sure your campaign, on whichever platforms you choose, is unafraid to be different, and unforgettable to your potential customers.

We can certainly help. Contact us if you’re interested in a killer campaign that will get results!


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