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As childhood taught all of us, stories are captivating and filled with empathy and emotion. Does that sound like something that belongs in the business world? You bet! No matter how stoic and unsympathetic a business’ processes and procedures may seem at times, it’s a fact that emotion is an inescapable component of securing sales.

Think about it: People generally purchase products and services because of the way those things speak to their feelings. Consumers purchase new outfits because of the confidence (and the compliments) they will bring. They choose churches because of the feelings of community and reverence they hope to experience. They select hospitals and doctor’s offices because they are convinced they will feel respected as patients. Each of these scenarios involves much more than a cut-and-dry sale; each instance includes a crucial, emotional aspect at its core.

Successful businesses understand and embrace the concept that emotion is an integral part of sales. These businesses take the time to empathize with consumers’ feelings, then they creatively respond by “selling” consumers on the idea that they can satisfy their emotionally-based desires.

The Importance of Storytelling

Now that we have established that emotion is necessary for securing sales, let’s discuss the most effective and impactful way to appeal to consumer emotions, that is: storytelling. Sure, the word itself sounds a little juvenile, but any marketing expert will tell you that storytelling is anything but an elementary concept.

Jim Yu, founder and CEO of BrightEdge, a leading SEO and content performance marketing platform, describes it this way: “Brand storytelling [is] the most authentic way to create and sustain long-lasting engagement with customers.” He goes on to say that storytelling is the best method for “evoking emotions and generating strong personal connections to brands, their missions, and ultimately, their products.”

Yu gleans that consumers long for things that are genuine and human. Storytelling is just that and ultimately, it puts businesses on the fast track to achieving sincere connections with consumers. These connections form the basis of a sale and eventually, create loyal, long-term customers.

What Makes A Good Story?

Just like all pieces of classic literature contain vital elements, good business stories are made up of the same components: characters, conflicts, and most importantly, resolutions. When businesses position themselves as relatable people (instead of impersonal organizations) who exist to resolve common consumer conflicts, they bypass most objections by appealing straight to a person’s emotions. More often than not, the typical response to this subtle, yet powerful, tug at a person’s “heartstrings” is a consumer who suddenly feels well-connected and therefore, highly motivated to become a loyal customer. In this way, a “good” story appeals to emotions and jumpstarts action.

Content Marketing

Feeling compelled to find a way to share your business’ story with the masses? This can effectively be done using the modern-day version of storytelling: quality content marketing. But, what is content marketing exactly? The Content Marketing Institute defines it as such: “A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

From this definition, we can gather that quality content marketing involves:

  • Clearly defined target customers
  • Vibrant and eye-catching marketing mediums (Magazines, for example)
  • Emotion-packed, relatable content that tells a business’ unique story
  • Effective content distribution strategies
  • Calls-to-action that seamlessly allow consumers to respond

Content marketing allows businesses to share their uniquely captivating “stories” with consumers. It positions businesses as leading experts in their industries. This type of marketing causes consumers to look to these companies as resources of valuable information, making them the “no-brainer” choice for future purchases. 

Where Does Custom Publishing Fit?

When content marketing is done in a print format, such as a magazine, it involves custom publishing. Many businesses consider print their preferred method for customized content marketing because it is proven to grab attention and is perceived as a supremely trustworthy marketing medium. Not only that, but print also allows consumers the opportunity to digest a message at their own pace and in a variety of personal settings, whether that be a bedroom, a bathroom, or even at a beach! In this way, print’s portability makes it extremely “up-close and personal” and permits consumers to obtain maximum comprehension of marketing objectives.

Why Zimmer Custom Publishing

Have you ever wanted to tell your business’ story but couldn’t find the words or didn’t have the means to do it? This is where we come in!

Zimmer Custom Publishing specializes in creating customized content marketing materials in various print formats. Our overarching goal is to creatively share our clients’ stories in relatable ways that appeal to consumer emotions and thus, convert into quality sales. Our team is comprised of business experts who have decades of experience in the print industry, as well as in the content marketing industry. Our publications are beautifully-crafted, eye-catching, extremely informative resources that are proven vehicles for driving traffic to our clients’ doors. We have specialized in quarterly community newsletters, annual reports, alumni publications, medical magazines, brochures, and more. What could this mean for you? Think of it like your very own magazine for your business!

The Process

Our process is detailed, yet painless. We start with an initial consultation to first and foremost, identify client goals. The steps that follow ensure that those goals are held in high regard. We develop a content plan, then we assign writers, photographers, designers, and editors where need be. We create a style guide and begin to execute our custom publishing creation within a designated timeline. After proofing is complete, we will even assist with preferred delivery options to guarantee that the custom publications reach the right target audience at the right time.

So, what is keeping your business from telling your story? As we detailed above, the fact is that consumers do business with companies who are shamelessly transparent and highly relatable. This practice pays off by appealing to consumers’ needs on a deep, emotional level. Choose to tell your business’ story with Zimmer Custom Publishing and take comfort in knowing that quality publications are our specialty. Trust us: You will get ac-custom-ed to the unprecedented results you will experience!

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