If You Build It, They Will Come, Part 2: Pick Your Bricks!


In our last blog in this series, we introduced the concept of building a solid marketing foundation using metaphorical bricks and mortar. This foundation should serve as the basis for every advertising campaign that a business executes. Why? Because all businesses desire to be top-of-mind in their community by owning “mental real estate,” and subsequently, rising to the top of the “Ladder of Competition.” Businesses enable themselves to earn such a standing when they determine to diligently construct their firm marketing foundation using the concept of bricks and mortar.

To quickly recap, we defined mortar as the consistent elements that are present in every advertisement. These elements include a business’ slogan, jingle, logo, music, or anything else that affects the overall look, sound, and feel of an advertisement. Think of these components as the “cement” that holds each individual message together.

Mortar should rarely, if ever, change. This consistency is crucial because it cultivates a public expectation. When people hear your business’ name, are they immediately able to sing your jingle, recite your slogan, or point out another unique aspect about you? This type of instant recognition is only attainable through consistently repeating your business’ mortar in your advertising.

What are Bricks?

Once your business determines what the mortar in your advertisements will be, it is time to pick your bricks. BrandsFormation™ author, Chuck Mefford, defines bricks as “all the parts of your story that you build in the listener’s mind, dramatizing what sets you apart.” Essentially, bricks are stories. Stories add power to your selling message and “pack the punch.” They bring your business to life and allow your message to get “stuck” in people’s minds. They enable the public to form an emotional connection to you, drastically increasing your business’ chances of making a sale. Most business owners possess these types of impactful stories that are capable of capturing an audience’s attention and gaining new business; therefore, they should use them to their advantage.

In contrast to mortar, bricks are always changing. Humans crave what is new. Introducing new stories about your business adds versatility to your advertisements and retains the public’s attention. As long as the mortar remains consistent and is always present in your marketing tactics, switching up your bricks is a best advertising practice and is sure to keep your business interesting and appealing.

Pick Your Own Bricks

Unfortunately, a large amount of businesses use clichés in their advertisements. These include generalized statements such as, “We have the best quality products in the area,” or “Our customer service sets us apart from the competition.” While these are great proclamations, there is nothing flashy about them. Consumers tend to see through these claims, classifying them as over-used and painfully common. Stories, however, add substance to these types of statements and prove the points that your business wants to make.

Remember this: “People dislike advertising, but we all like stories.” The best advertisements tell such a captivating story that people do not even realize they are being presented with a sales pitch. Bricks are the secret to getting through to others.

Does your business need the creativity and power that stories give to advertisements? Here are some questions to kick start your thinking and help you pick the bricks that are sure to boost your business to top-of-mind status in the community:

  • What makes our business’ background story so special?
  • What is our business’ mission and why are we so passionate about it?
  • What hardships has our business overcome in order to get to where we are today?
  • Do we have any stories about our past that would tug at the heartstrings of the public?
  • Do we have any stories about our ambitious goals for the future and how we plan to get there?
  • Are there any instances when we have proven how genuinely we care about our customers?
  • Do we have any current customers who would be willing to testify as to how our business has enhanced their life?

Once you answer these questions, leave it to the award-winning creative services team at Zimmer Communications to turn your original stories into powerful advertisements that will leave a lasting impression on the public.  

In order to succeed, businesses must possess a solid marketing foundation made up of effective bricks and mortar. When your business determines to construct this steadfast infrastructure, it is only a matter of time before the public will recognize your iconic marketing message and line up for your services. If you build efficiently, consumers will come!

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