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Do Your Advertisements Pass “The Best Friend Test?”

Posted by Rebecca Milner on October 10, 2017 at 9:01 AM


Oftentimes, it’s difficult for business owners and marketers to objectively view their business from an outside perspective. This is no fault of their own. Understandably, their bias about their own company just tends to get in the way. However, thinking about business matters (specifically, marketing practices) in an objective, unbiased fashion is a smart tactic for businesses who want their advertising to make a significant impact.

The Need for Marketing Consultants

The above predicament explains why marketing consultants are essential. Not only are they well-versed in current market trends, but they also know the most effective branding strategies designed to grow businesses. Good marketing consultants are also committed to accurately tracking and measuring the ROI generated from a business’ advertising campaigns. 

While we strongly believe that having an expert marketing team is invaluable, we would also like to recommend an additional figure whose perspective could also prove to be invaluable regarding your business’ current advertisements. That is, your best friend. Didn’t expect that? Well, let us explain.

“The Best Friend Test”

A business’ advertisements should come across effortless and easy, similar to the way that a person would converse with their best friend. Friendly conversations involve a sense of comfort and trust; therefore, advertisements that echo this same sentiment are sure to strike a friendly chord with consumers, giving them the desire to act.

International marketing speaker, Paul Weyland, puts it this way: “Do your advertisements pass ‘The Best Friend Test?’ That is, would you say this exact script comfortably to your best friend? If not, it sounds fake to everyone else.”

Consumers can sense the familiar feeling that comes from effortlessly talking with a friend. If your business’ advertisements make others feel this way, then you will be on the fast track to gaining new customers. Be sure to keep this perspective in mind for your business’ future advertisements. Do your ads look and sound:

  • Relatable

Will your business’ advertisements strike a chord with the public? Will they comfortably appeal to consumers in a way that makes them want to do business with you?

  • Natural 

Is your business being careful to communicate naturally and in “Layman’s terms,” avoiding any “industry speak” that could easily go over consumers’ heads?

  • Believable

Do your ads look or sound like fake news? Be sure your business sounds authentic and avoids using these common advertising clichés?

  • Caring

Do your business’ advertisements convey that your concern for your customers’ wellbeing outweighs your own agenda?

Advertisements that evoke a sense of comfort and trust produce eventual customers who are lifelong “friends” of your business. Carefully examine your business’ marketing from your best friend’s perspective today! Would your advertisements pass “The Best Friend Test?” 


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