BrandKamp Marketing Minute: Having a Difference Maker

Have you ever wondered what is missing from your business’s advertisements? When it comes to creative direction, branding, and messaging, knowing what’s the best way to help your advertisements perform well can be a little overwhelming. The good news is that there is proof that there is, in fact, one component of your advertisements that is key to making your ads succeed. So, if you’re not using this element… your ads are probably falling short of their full potential.

So, what is this element that is so important? It’s called having a “Difference Maker”. It is similar to how it probably sounds. A Difference Maker is a statement or phrase that “makes” your business “different” from all the rest — What makes your business stand out to customers, making them remember what exactly makes you, well, you! And this isn’t just a catchy tagline. Have a listen to brand expert Chuck Mefford dive in a little deeper into the definition of a Difference Maker and what it can mean for your business:


Having a Difference Maker will help your customers not only recognize, but stay rest assured in, your brand's identity. Eventually, you'll hear many of them express, “Ah, I know you are!" What are some examples of businesses that have a Difference Maker? Like expressed in the video above, Papa John’s established their Difference Maker not all that long ago when they coined the message, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” in 1995. What makes them the better choice? It’s not their fast service, or their delivery options (Although they might have both of these qualities). No, it is that they use quality ingredients, making them the better tasting choice compared to their competitors.

So, what are your words? What makes you not only different, but better than your competitors? It is important to establish a marketing plan of action, but you must also carve in stone your Difference Maker statement. At the BrandKamp seminar event on September 28th, 2021, from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Chuck Mefford will help you find this for your business. Come learn proven methods to help your advertisements get results, and in turn, help your business grow. Sound like a good idea? Follow the link below for more information and to register!

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