BrandKamp Marketing Minute: Your Marketing Mix

Do you have a marketing mix, or a marketing mess? Chances are if you are reading that question, one sounds better than the other. And you're right! Having a marketing mix means giving detailed care to the balance and ratios of your marketing efforts to gain the results you want and need.

There are all sorts of marketing tactics and strategies available in our day and age, but your business will only succeed with the right mix of those tactics based on your business' specific desired outcome. Too often, business owners work without a plan, adding a little of this and a little of that depending on what they're thinking should work at any given time. And as a result, their outcome is more mess than a true marketing strategy.

Marketing and branding expert Chuck Mefford goes into more detail in the video below on how to find the right balance in your marketing mix:


So, ideally, your marketing efforts should dedicate 60% toward long-term branding and 40% towards immediate sales activation. This formula has seen proven success with hundreds of businesses and is a great way to set your business on an effective growth trajectory. Using these ratios will help give you the mix you need to help establish your business's brand and increase your overall sales results.

Interested in learning how to find the right marketing mix and balance for your business? Join us at the BrandKamp seminar this fall on Thursday, September 28, 2021 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. Author and brand strategist, Chuck Mefford, will share with you his proven tactics for growing your business through developing an effective marketing strategy. Invest in your business and save yourself a seat today!

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