BrandKamp Marketing Minute: What is Success?

What direction do you want your business to be headed? It’s worth noting that your advertisements are an integral tool to help you get there. 

But, the tough reality is that, if you don’t know where you are going, there is no way to actually get there. Any route, form, or method can be taken, which (more often than not) leads to poorly executed and disorganized marketing and branding strategies. And because of this, many advertisers waste a whole lot of money because they are throwing their dollars into the air, not being intentional about where precisely they are going.

Take a listen to branding expert, Chuck Mefford, in the video below as he talks more about how to be successful with your advertisements by starting with the end in mind:


So, you’ll first want to start out by answering one simple, but important, question. What defines success for you and your business? Once you are able to answer this, you will be much more equipped to develop a well-executed marketing plan, as well know how to properly measure the results of it, all before you even begin your advertising efforts. 

And that is exactly what you will hear and learn more about at the upcoming BrandKamp seminar. Chuck Mefford, along with a seasoned team of marketing experts, will help your business develop a specific advertising and branding strategy by identifying your message, media, and how to measure it.

Learn more about these principles and so much more at the annual BrandKamp seminar Thursday, September 28, 2021 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm. Author and Brand Strategist, Chuck Mefford, will share with you his proven strategies for growing your business through developing a brand strategy. Invest in your business by reserving your spot today!

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