10 Questions You Should Ask Your Marketing Partner BEFORE You Sign a Contract


We surveyed our marketing team here at Zimmer Communications and asked them what questions they wish every prospective advertiser would ask them. Make no mistake, we typically do the questioning...and lots of it...but you’ll agree that success is often about asking the right questions.

When it comes to marketing, you as an advertiser understandably want to collect information about pricing and campaign options. But your quest to gather information shouldn’t stop there. Asking the right questions will help you narrow down which marketing partner is the right fit for your company and ultimately set your relationship up for success from the very beginning. So, to get a relationship started on the right foot, here are 10 important questions our team would REALLY like you to ask them: 

1. How will we measure ROI?

ROI is a very big deal to Zimmer. We track results and hold each other accountable. We set and achieve goals for our own company, and the expectation is that we do the same with yours. We believe that marketing is not a hope-and-pray strategy...it is a set of intentional plans strategically delivered to bring ROI to your business. So, ask us how we plan to do that and then hold us accountable for doing so. 

2. What kinds of results have you achieved for other businesses similar to mine?

Success stories are the highest form of compliment. Many businesses who sign on with Zimmer have been with us for 5, 10..even 15+ years. We have success stories and testimonials from all different industries and sizes of businesses. You should ask your account manager for examples and references. 

3. What happens if we get down the road and I’m not getting results?

Since it’s all about ROI, if it’s not working...we make the changes needed to get the results desired. That being said, it’s also about giving a campaign enough time to work - depending on the type of campaign you are running. Since everything is customizable, we are able and willing to adjust as the campaign progresses to respond to changes in your business, changes in the economy, and changes in consumers’ needs. Ask your account manager for examples of how they’ve done that in the past with other clients and the results that were achieved. 

4. How do you work with businesses? 

Zimmer account managers always start with a comprehensive discussion to hear about your business’ plans for success. Only then do we bring a campaign to the table that aligns with your goals, not ours. To do that, we have to clearly understand what your needs and objectives are. We do our own industry research, audit your current marketing and make recommendations...even if those recommendations don’t benefit us financially. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor for growing your business. If you’re looking for someone to simply bring you the package of the week or the cheapest rates, we’re probably not a fit. 


5. Tell me about the process for creative? 

Our creative services department is an award-winning team of people who are trained in how to build effective campaigns. We regularly win awards against big players in major markets for our creative campaigns. Each one of our writers, voice talent, producers, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers are certified, and understand how to leverage a consistent theme across multiple channels for greater success. We know story-telling better than anyone, and we start by getting to know your unique business style, what your Unique Selling Proposition is, and your goals for success. 

6. What other services do you offer?

In response to client demand, we have introduced a host of additional marketing options for businesses to leverage in their campaigns. When it makes sense, both financially and strategically, we offer a full array of digital services, website development & design, print and magazine marketing, inbound marketing for lead generation, photography, videography, graphic design, and custom publishing...to name a few. Your business’ marketing strategy is made up of more than just a radio campaign.  We are uniquely qualified in omnichannel marketing strategies that bring them all together into one cohesive brand. 

7. What have you learned about my business already?

Before we even meet with you the first time, we are stalking you online. We come armed with an initial analysis of what you are doing and how well you are doing it. We’ll perform our own internal campaign audit, digital audit, and social audit. Doing that helps us ask more intelligent and deeper level questions for flushing out long-term campaign objectives. If you come in for a Brand Marketing Workshop, we’ll expect you to complete a business analysis that arms our team with critical information needed in crafting your campaign. 

Basic-building-blocks-of-a-radio-campaign-square8. What’s the first thing you’re going to do if we start working together?

Our first step is two-fold: research and strategy. First, we go back and tap into our array of marketing intelligence sources to do a full analysis of your industry, market, and customer base. Then, we amass your marketing team. With Zimmer, you always have a team of people working on your business campaign. That team is made up of talented individuals who work together in building your strategy. It could be but isn’t limited to your account manager, our director of sales, creative services, art director, web developer, digital marketing specialists, inbound marketing specialists, photographer, videographer, animation specialist, graphic designer, and more. 

9. What expectations do you have for me?

Thank you for asking! We expect that you treat us with as much respect as we treat you. That you honor appointments, and if something comes up...call, text, or email to let us know and to reschedule. That you pay your bills on time. That you share your metrics and revenue information with us - after all, we’re on the same team and want the same results. How can we do that if we don’t know the numbers? That you are honest with us about what you like and don’t like. Feedback is important and we can’t fix something if we don’t know there’s a problem. 

10. What are things that, in your experience, will make this relationship fail? 

Pretty much the opposite of everything listed in the previous question, with some notable additions: If you get scared and cancel your advertising before it has a chance to work. If you hop around from strategy to strategy, it will fail, you’ll lose money, and end up hating advertising. You have to come to the table understanding us to be a true marketing partner and be willing to trust our expertise. Be honest about your budget, desired results, long-term goals, etc. We can only be as good a partner to you as you allow us to be, and experience shows that it’s worth the investment in both time, trust, and transparency.

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you’ve been looking for, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to get to know us a little bit more. We’d love to meet you. 


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