Zimmer Communications Client Spotlight: Witt Print Shop

ZC Client Spotlight - Witt Print Shop

In the Zimmer Communications Client Spotlight series, we’ll be featuring different business owners’ answers to questions about what it’s like working with Zimmer Communications. This week’s featured business is Witt Print Shop. Owner, Brian Kirmse took time out of a busy schedule to talk with us. Here’s what he said:

Why did you initially choose us (our solution)?

I, of course, have listened to your radio stations for years and love the selection and radio personalities. I feel the station itself holds true to my values and understands what is needed to help a small business prosper through radio advertising.

What issues were you facing or new results were you seeking to achieve?

At the time, my print shop had seen 9 years in a row decline in total sales and I felt like I needed some help in boosting my numbers. A simple “upswing” would’ve been nice, but we experienced an explosion of increased sales that was hard to keep up with at one point, but the Zimmer crew knew what to do and I was thankful for the help and guidance. Zimmer literally saved my business. 

How has our company/solution helped you?

In 2015, we were on the verge of losing our business due to the economy and direction the printing business was heading. Through simple advertising and becoming the “top of mind” business, we’ve become a front-runner in the print industry in Mid-Missouri and have grown substantially thanks to the marketing plan and expansion of services Zimmer has helped us out with.

Specifically, in what ways have we (our solution) improved your business (or your job or your life)?

Our jingle has helped in ways I’d never expected. People see our logo and start singing the “Get Witt It!” tune. It’s been a fun ride thus far. By improving our website and expounding on services that we offer, we have really seen an increase of sales and profits ever since we chose Zimmer to help us out with our marketing/advertising.

If a potential new customer of ours asked why they should buy from us and what benefits or outcomes they should expect, what would you say in response?

Most-definitely! But you had better be ready for the long haul and possible explosion of sales brought on by advertising through Zimmer. I know that my situation was “unusual,” but if you stick with the barrage of branding/advertising, it WILL pay off. Listen to Zimmer and let them do their job…they’re good at it!

To hear the audio that Brian Kirmse recorded about his experience with Zimmer, click on the Witt Print Shop logo below:

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