Zimmer Communications Client Spotlight: Ashley Cunningham, Insurance Agent

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In the Zimmer Communications Client Spotlight series, we’ll be featuring different business owners’ answers to questions about what it’s like working with Zimmer Communications. This week’s featured business is Ashley Cunningham with the Insurance Shop. Ashley took time out of a busy schedule to talk with us. Here’s what she said:

Why do you continue to choose to do business with us (or our solutions)?

I choose to work with Zimmer as their creative team is top notch.  They are always working to make sure my ads are cutting edge, which helps me to stand out on the radio.  I have met with other creative groups with other companies and their ideas lacked the originality and creativity I have seen with Zimmer.  Not only are they original but they make each clients ad fit with that owners personality, which helps to bring out the best, most authentic ad. 

What issues/challenges were you facing or new results were you seeking to achieve?

Radio definitely gets results.  With insurance, there is quite a lot of servicing of accounts, which leaves me with little time to market. The ads have helped me to reach out to new clients while still maintaining top notch service for my current clients.  Also, I have found that radio advertising prompts the “A” clients I want to reach. Those that are not constantly changing insurance agents each year, but those that have not looked at their insurance in a while.  These types of clients can be the hardest to reach, but the best in the long run and advertising with Zimmer has helped me to draw these types of clients in.

How has our company/solutions helped you?

When I started advertising, I believed it could help me grow my business but I was lost on what or how to do this.  Zimmer has helped me grow to understand the best ways to reach the clients I want as well as understand what makes a great ad.  

Specifically, in what ways have we improved your business (or your life)?

Zimmer has helped me become more confident in my voice and how to stand out among the rest.  They have helped me grow my book of business and build it around clients that I will have for many years.  Which, are also a great referral source. The advertising doesn’t just get you that one time client, but I find those that came to me because of my ad are even more likely to refer more clients to me. 

If a potential new client of ours asked why they should buy from us and what benefits or outcomes they should expect, what would you say in response?

I would say Zimmer is the best, hands down. No one else gets the art of creative ads as they do. They go above and beyond to make sure each client is comfortable with the process and standing out among the rest. Not only that, every person at Zimmer from the minute you walk in the door makes you feel welcome and a part of their team. Zimmer is not just a business to take your money and throw an ad on the air. They become your family, working hard and investing in your future to make sure you succeed. And TRUST me - with Zimmer, you will succeed!




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