Zimmer Nominated for Five 2019 Radio Mercury Awards


Each year, the Radio Mercury Awards are held in a “little” place called New York City. You may have heard of it. Each year, hopeful nominees from “little” businesses like Wendy’s, Verizon, GEICO, Comcast, Coca-Cola, State Farm, and HBO are in attendance. You may have heard of them. And each year for the last several years, a truly little company from Mid-Missouri, Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, sits among some of the biggest names in the biggest city in the country and waits to hear whether or not one of their multiple nominations will take home a trophy (or two).

So, what are these awards exactly? The prestigious, annual Radio Mercury Awards recognize and reward radio commercials and campaigns that successfully harness the creative tools of radio (writing, production, directing, and editing) to convey a main message. This year’s awards ceremony will take place in New York on June 6, 2019. See the full list of nominees here

It’s crazy when you think about it! How does an advertising company in the middle of Missouri constantly find themselves travelling to The Big Apple and being recognized among the elite in the business world year after year? It’s safe to say that we are extremely blessed to have the creative team that we do! Their imaginative minds and hard work allow our company to consistently produce some of the best radio ads in the country for our local business community. The majority of smaller cities in this country do not have this luxury, so we don’t take this for granted!

This year, we are pleased to announce that Zimmer has been nominated for not one, not two, but FIVE Radio Mercury Awards for advertisements produced in 2018. Take a look at (and a listen to) each of these advertisements for yourself:

Best Radio Campaign:

“Answering The Call” for Brian Wear Plumbing
Writer/Producer/Talent: Josh Ryan Smith

“Daughter to Mom & Dad” for MO Heart Center 
Writer/Producer/Talent: Josh Ryan Smith / Talent: Brooklyn Smith

Best Radio Station Produced Commercial:

“Ditty” for FPP Body Shop
Writer/Producer/Talent: Jon Sheltmire

“Press Conference” for Steve’s Pest Control
Writers/Talent: Josh Ryan Smith, Jon Sheltmire / Producer: Jon Sheltmire

Best Radio Station Produced Promotional Spot:

“Man Show 2018” for Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group
Writers/Producers: John Predmore, Jon Sheltmire / Talent: Jon Sheltmire

As for how things turn out in New York? We’ll keep you posted. For now, we couldn’t be prouder of our incredible team! You represent Mid-Missouri and the Midwest well for all of us! Congratulations! Now, let’s bring home the hardware!


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