Zimmer Radio Stations in Mid-Missouri Nominated for FIVE Marconi Awards!


Break out the red carpet, champagne and fireworks...your favorite mid-Missouri Zimmer radio stations have been nominated for five...FIVE...Marconi Awards in 2021! Join us in celebrating with the Cosmo & Lauren Morning Show on Y107 plus the radio broadcast excellence on Y107, Clear 99,  KCMQ 96.7FM, and The Eagle 93.9FM. 

What's a Marconi Award you ask? Think Oscars...only in radio. The Marconi is the Holy Grail of radio awards. The National Association of Broadcasters honors top radio stations from all across the country each year to celebrate excellence in radio. To even be nominated from among the best of your peers across the USA is a really big deal. 

The NAB Marconi Radio Awards were established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi is recognized as the "father of wireless telegraphy". These prestigious awards, named after the inventor of radio, recognize stations and individuals from across the country for their excellence and performance in radio.


The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced the finalists for the 2021 NAB Marconi Radio Awards, honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. The winners will be announced October 13 at the Marconi Reception, held during the 2021 Radio Show in Las Vegas. 

Zimmer Communications is pleased to announce that in 2021, we have five total nominations: four stations nominated for Station of the Year and one morning show nominated as a finalist for Personality of The Year! And just so you know, there are 15,445 licensed commercial radio stations across America.  The list below, then, represents the creme-de-la-creme in radio broadcasting.  

Here they are, along with the other stations across the country that also made it to this prestigious list:


Cosmo and Lauren, KTXY-FM, Columbia, MO
Chris and Rosie, WUSQ-FM, Winchester, VA
John Raynar, KKHJ-FM, Pago Pago, AS
Brian Lee and Chris Wolfe, KZOQ-FM, Missoula, MT
Frito and Katy, KNDE-FM, College Station, TX


KNDE-FM, College Station, TX
KTXY-FM, Columbia, MO Y107
WHTZ-FM, New York, NY
WPOI-FM, St. Petersburg, FL
WBLI-FM, Long Island, NY


WSB-AM, Atlanta, GA
WTOP-FM, Washington, DC
KSSZ-FM, Columbia, MO 93.9 THE EAGLE
WLW-AM, Cincinnati, OH
KNX-AM, Los Angeles, CA


WYCT-FM, Pensacola, FL
WXFL-FM, Florence, AL
KNUC-FM, Seattle, WA
KCLR-FM, Columbia, MO Clear 99
WYCD-FM, Detroit, MI


KLOS-FM, Los Angeles, CA
WPLR-FM, New Haven, CT
WGBF-FM, Evansville, IN
WIYY-FM, Baltimore, MD
KCMQ-FM, Columbia, MO 96.7 KCMQ

But wait...there's more!

Mind if we brag for a minute? For a team of the hardest working people in Missouri broadcasting, we tend to keep our nose to the microphone and not take the time to savor our accomplishments. Our team of radio talent, producers, creative services, programming, engineers, news and sports reporters work tirelessly to make sure communication happens when the public needs us.

And we are very good at what we do...

Last month, Zimmer Communications won the NAB Service to America Award for broadcast ownership group for our Miracles for Kids Radiothon!

This year alone, we were recognized with On-Air Personality team and Station of the Year nominations from the Academy of Country Music (ACMs) who recognized 94.3 KAT Country and Clear 99.  Plus, we've also been nominated for numerous Missouri Broadcasters Association Awards for all of our stations in Mid-Missouri and Springfield

Check out all the awards our stations have won over the past 10 years

These accolades are a testimony to the GREAT TEAM we have at Zimmer Communications and our commitment to serving our LOCAL communities. Every person in every department - from sales, traffic, creative services and social media to engineering, interactive, programming, and Inside Columbia Magazine all work together to play a HUGE role in our company successes.

We are excited to continue our mission to be a vital part of our communities by being a free source for news, entertainment and information. We take our job very seriously...and we truly love what we do. 

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Interested in learning about how to put the hardest working radio team in Missouri to work for your business? Contact us by clicking here or on the image below. 



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