What Makes Zimmer Communications Different?


What began as a small group of radio stations 65+ years ago has grown into a team that’s as unique as your business. Our clients tell us we’ve become mid-Missouri’s one-stop, trusted source for all things marketing and advertising. But for us, it’s not just about what we offer (which is more than most people realize)...it’s about how we do business that truly sets us apart. 

Whether it be through our radio stations, magazine publications, or extensive digital marketing services, Zimmer Communications has the unique ability to create a custom marketing strategy to help your business grow and meet its goals and objectives. Because we're regularly asked by other business owners and media companies what the proverbial secret is to our success, we decided to give you a peek behind the curtain for a glimpse at what makes it all work. 

Who We Are

Our Team

Our people are the driving force behind our growth. We find and hire the best-of-the-best in a wide range of skills and passions, all dedicated to providing marketing solutions and driving results. Our professional marketing strategists are made up of a talented team of website developers, animation specialists, content writers, graphic designers, digital marketing experts, inbound marketing professionals, award-winning creative producers that create all-inclusive marketing and advertising campaigns designed to build brand loyalty, drive revenue and radically revolutionize your business. We believe the product is sacred and the customer is king, and we're relentlessly dedicated to assisting our clients with an unrivaled quality of work.

While Zimmer has a diverse and unique range of abilities, we are also a team of the most humble, friendly, and fun group of people you’ll ever meet! Clients tell us that in addition to delivering results, we make advertising fun. They look forward to meeting with us and are inspired by the collaboration and ideas we bring to the table. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is the heartbeat of our business. This mantra has been our guide leading us to the successes we've achieved throughout the years.

"Zimmer Communications will be a vital part of the community by being a free source for news, entertainment, and information. We will also be involved in helping the various public service initiatives in our local marketplace. The outgrowth of our work together will result in a sense of pride, a spirit of involvement, personal accomplishment, and partnership." 

What We Do

Zimmer is unique in the fact that we are not simply a radio network. Make no mistake, we started as a radio company - and we do radio better than anyone...but we’ve expanded our portfolio over the years in response to client demand. You have asked more of us in the past...and we’ve stepped up to the plate on your behalf. The bottom line is, today we are so much more than great radio. Here’s a look at how product portfolio:


If you ask us, or anyone for that matter, what Zimmer’s signature service is, it would be radio! Over 27 years ago, we began reaching mid-Missouri with KCLR, Clear99. Fast forward to today: We’ve grown into a 13-station radio network with the recent addition of stations in Springfield, MO. Zimmer stations have won numerous awards and been recognized continually for excellence in broadcasting. Our market manager, Carla Leible, is celebrated as the first female Broadcaster of the Year by the Missouri Broadcasters Association. 

Through the years, our stations and radio personalities have also formed deep connections with local listeners and consumers, and as a result, our listeners think of these personalities like close friends and look to them as thought leaders. Through radio advertisements, endorsements and social influencer strategies, and local event sponsorships, our clients have been able to position themselves in front of hundreds of thousands of mid-Missouri consumers, further establishing their unique voice and brand.


Through years of service in the community, Inside Columbia publications have garnered strong credibility with readers looking for advice from a respected source. Each magazine serves as an information hub where local residents can learn more about events, celebrate local artisans and businesses, and learn about interesting topics in mid-Missouri. Our clients who advertise in our publications Inside Columbia Magazine, CEO, and Boom! stand out as trusted brands who are also supportive of the local community.

Digital Marketing

While anyone can take a stab at creating content, making a post, or putting together a website, only a few can truly hit the mark. We are a team of dedicated experts that know how to get the most bang for your marketing buck. We’ll determine which strategic and creative concepts will work the best for you, implement your campaign, and report back with fully transparent data-tracking reports. Listed below are our capabilities, all of which are produced and managed in-house:

Creative Production

When it comes to marketing and advertising, creative excellence is key.  Zimmer knows this, and that is why we have a team of award-winning designers, producers, and artists who have decades of combined years of experience branding businesses of all kinds. This team of creative minds will help your business develop the following and more:

Website Design & Development

It’s about first impressions...your website is the initial introduction between you and your prospective clients. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to make sure that the first impression is a good one. We’ll make sure your website represents your company well, educates your client, is easy to find, easy to understand, and is capable of helping people find the information they need (or that you want them to have) easily and efficiently. Websites that Google likes are more than just nice-looking...they are designed well, functional and structured in such a way that they actually generate results. 

How We Do It

But as we’ve mentioned before, it’s not just about what we offer...it’s about HOW we do what we do. Our philosophy of working with clients is found in our company culture. It’s a top-down philosophy that permeates everything we do. 


As good as we are at advertising, nothing beats results. Call us OCD if you must, but we relentlessly track...well...everything! We reject the mindset that it’s tough to tell if advertising is working. In fact, we respectfully disagree. We keep score and track progress, and when it’s not working, we make the changes needed to get the campaign back on track.  


We are extremely goal-oriented. It’s the water we swim in, our DNA, our culture...at every level of our company...we set goals, track, measure, celebrate success, and debrief when we fall short. You can rest easy knowing that when you work with Zimmer, your goals are just as important to us as they are to you. 


We respect the time, talent, and contribution of every individual...from interns to prospects. We value your time, knowledge, money, and your goals...and we seek to make every interaction worthwhile. 


If it’s not fun...why do it?! Life is short after all. It’s extremely important to love what you’re doing, and who you are doing it with. We do. We laugh and celebrate as a team and with our clients, and because we’re not perfect, we occasionally laugh at ourselves. At Zimmer, we are ardently positive about what we do.

Continual Improvement

Marketing and advertising is a world that is constantly changing. The products and services we specialize in now didn’t even exist when we started in 1956. We know that as things change, we are obligated to grow as well. Business changes, lives change, technology changes, the economy changes, buying patterns change...and if we’re not constantly striving to bring our A-game to the table, we’ve lost before we’ve even started. 

Zimmer Communications: A Refreshing Difference

Our clients tell us that there is a refreshing difference between working with Zimmer versus working with other marketing companies. Everyone in our company from the top down embraces our corporate purpose...we’re in business to help your business grow. We stretch ourselves to expand our product offerings in response to clients who continually demand more from us in terms of expertise and professionalism. And we remain true to who we are as a company - a team dedicated to achieving results for our clients and enjoying the journey. 

It’s the Zimmer way.




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